Some things are better left unsaid, and this is what we see in the new electric board tracker build by Giacomo Galbiati at GDesign Custom Motorcycle.

Remember, this comes powered by a battery. How do you merge past and future? Well, Giacomo does have an answer.


This gorgeous machine is named Elettracker (we like the way it rolls of the tongue), gets the 2.5 kW pedal-assist motor and two 72 V batteries, and it boasts a top speed of 86 km/h (53 mph) with a range of around 40km (24 miles). 

Dominated by a light blue shade, the entire package weighs 49 kgs.

A stock cruiser (bike) frame is the base of his e-bike, but Giacomo says his needs were for a dedicated-use bike. Something more capable than a cruiser. 


His modded Elettracker is long and low in the seat tube, with the chainrings mounted on the frame’s legs. There’s extra bracing in critical places, and everything comes attached with metal brackets.

With the steer and springer working and producing decent geometry, Giacomo went about installing all of the other pieces of his vision.

The custom suspension comes tuned by adjusting the force exerted by a spring that lifts the front wheel when it hits an obstacle. 

The degree of absorption is controlled by how far the spring comes wound up. Using two sets of cork pads placed under the fork legs provided much adjustment. 

And the damping action comes from a telescopic shock tucked into a channel in the frame. Further, the disc brakes arrive from the bicycle, and the wheels have 26 inches rims.

Clever package

The V-twin is the first entirely handmade part, and it also hides the battery pack. These batteries come housed in handmade faux cylinders, which Giacomo made from steel plates.

A motor from Mantova in Italy comes tucked between the tubes of the frame that make up the outer skin of the mid-ship battery pack. 

Servos are hidden below the seat tube, and pedals complete the classy look at the back. One more shot after the break.

The handlebar controls are, for…well, nothing at all. It’s a design feature referred to as ‘integrated aesthetics’ – not because it looks nice (it does), but because it improves the bike’s aerodynamics.

The angular, simple face of this electric track bike is nested in an intricate piece of machinery.

Lake Design’s Arianna Crippa made sure the light blue shade looks subtle.

Giacomo’s elegant Elettracker build is one of those bikes that looks equally at home on a 60km gravel loop or off on a 100km singletrack loop. 

Sitting low and long, the Elettracker combines timeless chic with modern practicality in a remarkably clever package.

Instagram : Giacomo’s Design
Photos :  Mattia Negrini

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