The world adventure week 2022:90 countries, 1 million km

The world adventure week 2022:90 countries, 1 million km

1 million kilometres ridden

  • 16,000 riding hours in total
  • 4,796m highest altitude ridden
  • 495 group rides completed
  • 90 countries where rides took place
  • 27% of participants rode more than 1,000 km

From the far south of the American continent to central Europe’s hotspots and back to East Asia, the global motorcycling community has embraced this second edition of THE WORLD ADVENTURE WEEK powered by KTM and RISER and open to riders of all brands.

Manuel Lettenbichler - Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

The event saw almost two thousand participants tackle daily riding challenges on the run to win daily prizes. After a week of riding alongside like-minded adventurers, 27% of all participants managed to reach the critical goal of riding more than 1,000 km.

All participants who completed 1,000 km or more during the week and successfully made it through at least three of the seven daily challenges entered a final draw for a unique riding experience.

 With five lucky riders coming out of interest, the list of THE WORLD ADVENTURE WEEK WINNERS is extended with two more riders topping the overall distance leaderboards in the 2021 and 2022 editions of the event.


  • Tania Castrillon [US]
  • Zoltán Janík [SK]
  • Stefan Brittich [AT]
  • Geoffrey Hood [FR]
  • Nicholas Mosley [US]
  • Ariel Baras [IL] – 2022 Overall Leaderboard Winner
  • Raul de Jara [CL] – 2021 Overall Leaderboard Winner

All these seven real adventurers have secured an invitation for an all-expenses-paid riding experience that will take place at the end of November in an undisclosed location. 

Provided with the opportunity to be among the first riders globally to test the next generation of KTM ADVENTURE, these lucky winners will ride alongside KTM ambassadors and members of the KTM factory.

KTM will provide more details about the adventurous experience and the location in the coming weeks. Check out the interactive social media wall and the list of top finalists here.

All riders who completed 1,000 km or more during the week will receive a personalized award by KTM.

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