Yuriy Mamontov-XSCI1 MOTORCYCLE Concept

Explorations of photorealistic shading and lighting in studio locations create a stunning cinematic look for still frames and animation.

The whole look of this motorcycle is sharp, bold and futuristic — so the primary goal of this project was to emphasize this feeling you get while looking at it and show its unique beauty.

The concept

Yuriy Mamontov’s concept XSCI1 MOTORCYCLE is quite a thing to watch. I’m here talking about the project he has been working on for several months. This is a real deal! Yuriy is a very talented concept artist, and that piece of work is something that wouldn’t be out of place in future Terminator movies.


One glance at this motorcycle, you think, “Wow, it would be cool to ride that”. It’s not some boring, ubiquitous vehicle we are used to seeing daily. The amount of creativity, attention to detail and craftsmanship put into it is something you can’t miss. It looks like subtle artwork. So the primary goal of this project was to accentuate that feeling of awe and show off its unique beauty.

Come check out the concept art and production of photorealistic XSCI1 MOTORCYCLE by Yuriy Mamontov. The video will show how to achieve an excellent-looking result — and how many steps it took to get there! I hope this video will give you some hints on lighting, colouring, detailing and rendering.

The film

In the film XSCI1 MOTORCYCLE, quite a few shots stand out. One, in particular, is when the camera goes around the motorcycle. It’s a very dynamic shot that flows smoothly and gives viewers a sense of movement. Looking at the video above, Yuriy created this part of the sequence from different aspects.

A lot of technical and artistic experience was gained in achieving this goal. So with attention to detail and unique, exciting camera angles — the project is a perfect example of me combining both types of experience into one.

You have to appreciate that someone decided to make a scene out of CG. It is no simple task and requires patience, commitment and faith. The results are excellent. Be inspired! 

via Behance

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