There’s no doubt that the Ténéré is one of the most capable adventure bikes on the planet. However, Yamaha didn’t give us too much to work with in terms of luggage. 

When you need to carry your tools or additional gear for an extended trip, you can always resort to adding panniers or top cases, but what about when you need more room for comfort items? 

Luggage rack: can’t live without it. There’s nothing worse than the sight and smell of mouldy (or even worse): wet, dirty and sandy riding gear. 


But how to avoid this? Adding a rigid luggage rack to your bike and clinching it down tight with some good tie-down straps or bungee cords is an easy way to go.


Touratech luggage rack

And now Touratech pulled out all the stops and created a luggage transportation system that takes the idea of pillion luggage beyond strap schemes and is suitable only for use on touring bikes.

In the ideal world, an adventure bike would have a luggage rack that’s easy to set up, fits a wide range of luggage options, and does not add weight or add an extra point of failure.

Two-week getaways are twice the fun when you have both wheels and wings. That’s why you ride a Yamaha Ténéré 700, right? Well, if you’ve missed taking your gear with you on your last couple of trips.

Or if it just doesn’t fit the whole gang in your sidecar rig, then it’s past time to check out Touratech’s new Luggage Rack XL for your T7.

When the Touratech Luggage Rack XL first arrived, I was impressed with the weight of the thing.  

The luggage plate is made of 4mm-thick black anodized aluminium. It’s not just a carbon copy of the OEM Yamaha pillion seat with a rack bolted to it; this seems like a solid aftermarket product.

Avoid a little extra effort while you’re off on your adventures. This Touratech Luggage Rack XL is a quick and easy way to add more capacity to your luggage. 

It fully replaces the pillion that comes as standard with the T7 but still allows you to use that key to lock it down.

The luggage rack retails at 158.73 Euros ($180.36), and it doesnt include any tax or shipping costs.

For more, you can visit the Touratech website.

via Touratech


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