Vibrazioni Art Design a versatile custom house based in Italy, make multiple custom work and in various segments. Whether furniture or eyewear or for that matter motorcycles.

The latest we see is the Ducati 750 SS Futurama. Ducati started the 750 SS production way back in 1972 to 1981. However after a gap of seven years again Ducati in 1998 began to produce the 750 SS.

750 Supersport

The Ducati 750 SS ie has 748 cc motor which calibrates to make 72 hp at 9500 rpm with a top speed of 220 km/h the 750ss weighs 187 kg.


Ducati unveiled the Supersport Desmo at the Milan Motor Show in November 1973.

Taking this Ducati’s DNA ahead Vibrazioni Art Design made the 750 SS more colourful and kept the Ducati DNA intact.

The 750 SS

The custom

The style is old school. The colours used by the Vibrazioni Art Design are vibrant and eye-catchy.

Recently Vibrazioni Art Design unveiled the 750 SS on their Instagram with pictures.

As per customers requirement, this unique custom took shape. The advantage the Vibrazioni Art Design was already familiar with the bike as they had used in there past work.

The original Ducati 750 SS model talks about the Ducati’s rich racing past and before 2000 it had a tubular trellis frame.

Vibrazioni Art Design wanted to go with a rough approach which was responsible for looking like the bike has crossed space and time.

The base was 2002 Ducati 750 SS, and they removed all the stock components.

We see the amended frame also there is an increase in the rear tire size.

The rear came from the salvaged metal, so does the side panels. The tank comes made with the help of recovery sheet bins.

The headlights come wrapped by a claw which comes made from recycling sheet.

The raised rear seat. The front gets the carbon wings. The exhaust looks sublime and gets the carbon tailpipe with a combination of steel.

The instrumentation is conventional and comes custom wrapped. Apart from this, the engine comes updated by a Ducati Performance filter.

The components are handmade with a fantastic paint scheme which gives an old-style look.


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