Because of the high competition in China, particularly among the small to mid-size bike manufacturers. Endless amounts of different new models are introduced every year. 

This new wave of motorcycles sports retro styling reminiscent of vintage European machines while also being thoroughly modern machines that are more than capable on today’s roads.

Chinese motorcycles are typically known for their low price tags but little else. However, it doesn’t appear that China’s domestic market is what Loncin has in mind.With its new Voge 350AC Retro-Style Roadster, unveiled in Chongqing Motor Expo. 



The company describes the new motorcycle as an “entry-level naked motorcycle,” but it will likely appeal to young buyers worldwide. 

We’re not talking about some base model commuter here. However, Voge says it has stuffed its “advanced engine into the retro design” of the 350AC. To give it an output that’s above average for bikes in its class.

The 350cc roadster comes equipped with a retro design unlike any other motorcycle on the market.


Powered by an engine of 321cc parallel-twin motor, the new Voge roadster is designed to carry on Voge’s existing machines and conceals in a retro-inspired chassis. The motor comes from Loncin and makes a decent 42 hp at 10,500 RPM.

The impressive fuel tank shrouds the single-cylinder engine from view and joins it at centre stage. 

Inspired by old motorcycles. The front fascia seems borrowed from its larger siblings and incorporates a large headlight and angular radiator cowl into its design.


The 350AC comes with an inverted fork on the front and a preload-adjustable mono-shock on the opposite end. Nissin Front and Rear disc brakes come equipped with ABS.

LED lights and, of course, the retro design all makes the 350AC a complete package in its class

As with all Voge models so far. It appears that the new roadster has a reliable. And fuel-efficient single-cylinder engine. 

Interestingly, it looks like this particular model is an export-orientated model aimed at solidifying Voge’s presence in Europe.


Although Voge has not revelated its price tag, the bike will arrive in 2022 with the dealerships.

via XCar


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