Taiwan is booming with numerous motorbike brands that include Bajaj, Benelli, CCM and TVS that has been selling several motorbikes weeks since the past couple of years. 

But Yamaha is a no latecomer to the party, so they have developed a new scooter appropriately named Force 2.0 with upgraded features and a youthful outlook.

However, Yamaha has dominated the Asian markets since it first released Yamaha Force 155. 



Many Japanese enthusiasts use this humble scooter to accessorize themselves with a sporty yet trendy gadget. 

Not bad, to be honest, considering the affordable price tag of this scooter.

And now Yamaha has released the successor of Force 115, which is 2022 Yamaha Force 2.0.

A new, sharp and sporty scooter will also be the first choice of the street riders of Taiwan. 

Although this is very similar to the previous model of Force 155 but did not lose the positive characteristics of the earlier version, indeed, we can detect few changes even just by looking at it.

Rising to another level of exhilaration, the brand new model can bring its owners much excitement. 

And could even be deemed lifestyle commentary because it boasts centennial heritage and modern innovation combined into one futuristic design.

We again see the two headlamps, and they don’t change compared to their earlier model. However, halogen lamps are used instead of LEDs.



Flat handlebars make sure you get a comfortable ride. Although the previous Force had an elegant front end, this new Force is more aggressive. 

It’s narrower, and it’s got some fin-like shapes on both sides of the headlight. 

Maybe these are closer to Yamaha’s XMax design? If you turn around, you’ll find the main difference between the old Force and the new one, which is not so hard to spot. The old Force used a horizontal backlink suspension model.

The suspension arm is now completely different from the original Force’s design. This time around, this Force uses what it calls a “New Backlink Suspension System”. The new suspension system will provide its riders with a fantastic riding experience. 


That’s great news for all of you who’ve been waiting to see what Yamaha has in store for you all these years.

The new Yamaha Force 2.0 uses the identical powerplant as Yamaha Tricity 155, Aerox 155 and Yamaha Nmax.

The powerplant arrives as a four-valve Bluecore 155cc integrated with the VVA (Variable Valve Actuation).

However, the power figures are still under the wraps. The Electronic package has traction control, 13-inch front and rear wheels, 120/70 front and 130/70 rear tires.

5.1 inch LCD console that displays critical information to the rider. The new Force 2.0 arrives in four paint schemes, grey, black, white and army green.


And gets the introductory price of 99,000 TWD, which, when converted to Indian rupees, is close to Rs 2.65 lakhs.

via Yamaha Taiwan


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