Kawasaki has already brought this four-cylinder stacked 250cc track machine on the scene. Now Kawasaki has released its third teaser and it gives us more information.

While we have been talking about the ZX-25R getting amazing power in the middle plus getting tubular steel frame and other features like to slow down the radial monoblock is being used. Plus ZX-25R comes with traction control and a quick shifter.

What does this teaser talk about?

This third teaser talks about the ram-air intake and throws more light on it. While the power is upward 38.7PS that is astonishing power in 250cc. While sources also claim that the new Honda CBR250RR may also get power upward 40ps but that’s still not confirmed. But if it is then CBR250RR will be a fierce competitor to ZX-25R.


However now in this video, Kawasaki confirms ram air intake on ZX-25R. Typically ram air intake is something that allows building the static air pressure to increase the power inside the engine.

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