Last year on January 14 Kawasaki applied for another trademark for the name Meguro with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The trademark is for use with “two-wheeled engine vehicles; bikes; bikes; auxiliary parts for cruisers.” 

Kawasaki submitted the applications for its name Meguro in New Zealand, Australia, the U.S. furthermore, the Philippines.


Meguro’s Heritage

Meguro name possesses an exceptional place in the Japanese motorcycle industry.

After the Wall Street Crash in 1929 in the USA. The Meguro Manufacturing Company in 1930 began its movement by putting resources into Harley-Davidson.

After accepting control of some of H-D’s technology. Meguro started assembling gearboxes, and later they started building cruisers. 

During the 1950s, Meguro began building duplicates of the BSA A7 with a 651cc Parallel-Twin motor. 

Also, for some time, Meguro was the second-largest bike producer-only behind Honda.


In 1960, Kawasaki Heavy Industries acquired an interest Meguro – and later, in 1963, expected full control. 

Kawasaki continued to manufacture BSA clones, most remarkably the Meguro K and Kawasaki K lineups. 

And in 1965 Kawasaki began creating the W1, the forerunner to the cutting edge W-show.

Coming back to the Meguro, the name ought to be viewed principally. As the longing of Kawasaki to grow the scope of its retro models.

Likewise, keep in mind the Z900RS lineup additionally displays Kawasaki retro models. 

What more, if Triumph has for quite some time involved the speciality of the medium-cubic retro bicycles. For example, the section for the tenderfoots is nearly not spoken to by influential brands. 

In the USA you will be offered the Cleveland CycleWerks models, in England – Mutt, Mash or Bullit, in Italy – F.B. Mondial.

Kawasaki now has teased the picture of the Meguro without any information. So let’s see what Kawasaki has in mind.


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