The list of motorcycles to resurrect with us is high, and prominent among them is Kawasaki ZX7r.


There are multiple reasons why Kawasaki should bring back the 750 cc beast.

ZX7r is one bike Kawasaki went to produce from 1989 to 2003.


In the late 90’s when bikes came with a single name. ZX7r had multiple names.

 ZXr-750, ZXr-750r, ZX-7, ZX-7r and ZX-7rr.

ZX7r always went head-on with the Suzuki GSX-R750. Although when compared with GSX-R750, the ZX7r still stood low due to 20 horses less.

One thing that favoured ZX7r was its stance, the colourful paint schemes, those round deep sunken trendsetter headlights and the seat.

Design and Internal 

The design was future-looking yet very straightforward. Under the hood, the ZX7r was new.

Because ZX7r came with a new bore and was responsible for making the engine faster and more responsive.  

1992 ZX7R

The size of the bore stroke was much larger than the earlier CBR900RR (70.0 mm × 58.0 mm (2.76 in × 2.28 in)) and ZX7r had (73.0 mm × 44.7 mm (2.87 in × 1.76 in)).

On the other hand, Kawasaki made the inlet tracts shorter, responsible for increasing the velocity of air and fuel going to the cylinders.

The top speed of the ZX7r was 167mph (268 km/h). However, the rigid frame meant more pressure on the rider and engine. The mileage, however, was excellent as 23.6 Kmpl.

It was owing to its insufficient power and fierce competition from the fuel-injected competitors.

In 2003 Kawasaki decided to drop ZX7r from its lineup. Even after the discontinuation, ZX7r sold like hotcakes and had many fans following.


Going by Kar’s smooth ZX7r design.

  • The model has sleek lines with the red, light grey and black paint scheme.
  • The forward-looking black exhaust
  • Two air intakes positioned near the headlights.
  • The red colour rim at the front and black at the rear
  • Very less competition. We may see it from Yamaha YZF-R7, expected to arrive later this year.
  • However, that being said, the new ZXR should align with the Euro 5 norms to enter the European Market.

The DNA remains intact with more goodies put by Kar. Now it is time for Kawasaki to think about the resurrection. While it will be interesting to see if Kawasaki plans to resurrect will it use any existing platform or build the new.

Cover Pic Source: Kar Design

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