zard-stainless-steel-slip-on-for-triumph-rocket-3 (1)

While it is virtually flawless in its design and style, the Rocket 3 lacks that extra touch that would make it stand out even more.

Thanks to Zard, you can take your Rocket 3’s exteriors to the next level with some big badass ‘Super Scrambler’ exhausts adding to the aggression of the already menacing motorcycle.

Yes, the Rocket 3 might pack a massive punch in engine performance. I can’t deny that the looks are pretty much “oh, look at the pretty bike” material. 


It’s so powerful to look at but so decorated. There are otherworldly details to its monolithic form that separate it from other cruisers out there, but to my mind, they don’t do it any favours.

zard-stainless-steel-slip-on-for-triumph-rocket-3 (1)

I mean, just take a gander at those air intakes on the left side. They’re just three tubes hovering an inch off the fairing. 

It’s pretty obvious, but the essential part of any muffler is its ability to decouple noise. Slip-on are less expensive than complete exhaust systems. 

They are easy to install. All you have to do is remove your OEM exhaust and slip on the new exhaust. Rocket 3 owners who want to go for a ‘louder exhaust can choose from top manufacturers, and the one we are talking id Zard.


These slip-on are available in stainless steel or titanium, depending on your taste.

The entire point is to give your bike ‘more’ of an exhaust note, even if it is just a little bit louder than stock, but I’m sure you know.

zard-stainless-steel-slip-on-for-triumph-rocket-3 (1)

The stock exhaust weighs a massive 12.5 kg, or 27.5 lbs, while the Zard exhaust weighs 5.5 kg or 12.1 kg. It is easy and reliable, and you don’t have to go for ECU tuning.

What’s more, it adds 2.5 hp peak power. Also, as per Zard, the bike gets an improved throttle response and more linear power.

With $1,914.20 ( 1,622.21 Euro) its not cheaps. Once the system is fitted and if other OEM side bags are present on the bike, Zard says these bags won’t be compatible. 

I know there are other big touring lines out there, but an exhaust system from Zard is specifically designed to work with the stock ECM and a stock ignition mapping. 

That means you get a lot more options in terms of sound, plus a bump in horsepower and torque, which will be beneficial when you’re going up a mountain pass or need to accelerate quickly out of an intersection.

via Zard 

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