Morgan Motor Company is making significant strides towards an electric future with the development of the XP-1, an all-electric vehicle project. The XP-1 serves as a crucial step in understanding the manufacturing of electric vehicle (EV) technology and aims to translate the driving characteristics of Morgan’s traditional internal combustion engine sports cars into electric ones.

Morgan Motor Company

Key Points about the XP-1 Project:

  • Purpose of XP-1: Primarily a research and development tool, the XP-1 is not slated for production. It’s designed to be a test bed for various aspects of design, manufacturing, and engineering evaluation in the realm of electric vehicles.
  • Based on Super 3’s Platform: The XP-1 has been developed on the aluminium platform of the Super 3, over the past 12 months by Morgan’s engineering team in Malvern, Worcestershire.
  • Prototype Features: The prototype is created to explore and enhance various areas such as driving characterization, powertrain development, EV competence within the company, and ideation and testing of new features.
  • Testing and Evolution: After its design and build phase, XP-1 will undergo a comprehensive testing program for 18-24 months, continuously evolving to test new technologies and features.
  • Morgan’s Electric Journey: Matt Hole, Chief Technical Officer at Morgan Motor Company, emphasizes that XP-1 will be central to the engineering and design processes as Morgan embarks on its electric journey. This prototype is expected to provide valuable insights and enhance the company’s in-house EV capabilities.
  • Custom Powertrain: XP-1 features Morgan’s first powertrain, tailored specifically for this prototype. It allows engineers to control various calibrations and experiment with different driving modes.
  • Weight Consideration: Keeping in line with Morgan’s history of producing lightweight cars, XP-1’s weight is comparable to its production car counterpart. This is achieved by creating a unique powertrain combination and collaborating with industry-leading partners.
  • Charging and EV Features: XP-1 supports fast charging with the Combined Charging System (CCS) and includes bi-directional charging capabilities. It also features an electronic park brake (EPB), a first for a Morgan vehicle.
  • Aerodynamics and UI Development: The vehicle showcases front-end aerodynamic improvements and a bespoke interior display for UI experimentation. This includes an external charge level indicator and new aerodynamic wheel trims.
  • Workforce Training and Infrastructure Adaptation: As Morgan prepares for the production of electric sports cars, extensive workforce training and infrastructure adaptations are underway, focusing on workshop readiness and high voltage systems handling.

Electric sports cars

The development of the XP-1 and Morgan Motor Company’s transition towards electric vehicles will have several impacts on car enthusiasts:

  • Introduction to Electric Performance: Traditional car enthusiasts who have been accustomed to internal combustion engine sports cars will have the opportunity to experience electric performance. The XP-1 project aims to retain the core appeal of Morgan sports cars, including their fun-to-drive nature, which could attract enthusiasts looking for a new driving experience.
  • Preservation of Driving Characteristics: Morgan’s commitment to maintaining lightweight and handcrafted characteristics in their electric sports cars ensures that enthusiasts can still enjoy the unique and classic driving feel that Morgan cars are known for.
  • Innovation and Advancements: Car enthusiasts who appreciate technological advancements will benefit from the innovations that come with electric powertrains. The XP-1’s custom powertrain and various features like bi-directional charging and aerodynamic improvements demonstrate the potential for enhanced performance and efficiency in electric sports cars.
  • Community Engagement: The XP-1 project’s interactive approach, where it becomes a visible part of Morgan’s electrification journey, allows car enthusiasts to engage with the development process. This engagement can include seeing the prototype at events and following its evolution.
  • Shift in Collectible Cars: As the automotive industry continues to move towards electric vehicles, traditional internal combustion engine sports cars may become collectables. Car enthusiasts who have a passion for collecting classic and vintage cars may see a shift in the types of vehicles that gain value over time.
  • New Challenges and Opportunities: Electric vehicles present new challenges and opportunities for car enthusiasts. They may need to adapt to new maintenance and repair skills, charging infrastructure, and performance tuning methods specific to electric cars.
  • Environmental Awareness: Environmentally conscious Enthusiasts may appreciate the shift towards electric vehicles, which are generally more eco-friendly than their gasoline-powered counterparts.
  • Diversity in the Enthusiast Community: The introduction of electric sports cars can bring a more diverse set of enthusiasts into the community, including those who are drawn to the technology and sustainability aspects of electric vehicles.

Electrification journey

Morgan Motor Company’s XP-1 electric vehicle project marks a pivotal moment in the transition towards electric sports cars. While retaining the iconic Morgan driving experience, the XP-1 showcases cutting-edge electric powertrain technology, bi-directional charging, and aerodynamic enhancements.

Car enthusiasts can anticipate a blend of traditional charm and modern innovation. This prototype not only offers a glimpse into Morgan’s electric future but also invites enthusiasts to join the electrification journey. With its interactive presence at events and continuous evolution, the XP-1 bridges the gap between classic car passion and the sustainable future of motoring, appealing to a diverse community of automotive enthusiasts.

Cutting-edge technology


While the transition to electric vehicles by a traditional sports car manufacturer like Morgan may represent a significant change, it also presents opportunities for car enthusiasts to embrace new technologies, driving experiences, and engage with the evolving automotive landscape. It’s likely to broaden the spectrum of vehicles that enthusiasts appreciate and collect while preserving the essence of Morgan’s classic sports car heritage.

The XP-1 project is a testament to Morgan’s commitment to preserving its core principles of an undiluted driving experience in the electric era. As the prototype evolves, it will become a visible and interactive part of Morgan’s journey towards electrification, engaging the Morgan community and sports car enthusiasts worldwide.

Embrace the future of motoring with Morgan Motor Company’s XP-1 electric prototype! Join Morgan on the electrification journey, where classic charm meets cutting-edge technology. Experience the thrill of electric performance while preserving the essence of iconic Morgan sports cars. Follow the XP-1’s evolution at events and engage with the ever-evolving automotive landscape. It’s a call to all car enthusiasts to be part of the exciting transition towards sustainable and innovative driving experiences. Don’t miss out – the future of driving awaits, and you’re invited to be a part of it!


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