At CCXP ( Comic-Con Experience) 2019 Event held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We see all the Super Popular Marvel comic heroes collaborating with Yamaha Motorcycles.

Well, we haven’t seen such a type of collaboration between Motorcycle Manufacturers and comic Super Heroes.

First, we see ” Fazer250 x Captain Marvel “. Yamaha Fazer 250 in collaboration with Captain Marvel.


It is exciting and ubercool to watch how the Fazer 250 carries the skin of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is one of the high ranking superheroes, and Marvel World has high respects for Captain Marvel.

Highly skilled, Brie Larson played the role of Captain Marvel in the movie. The movie released in 2019 saw some high sequence eye-catching drama.

This Fazer is a local model and does not come from Japan. However, it does have an air-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine.

There is also a “Fazer250 x Black Panther” with a skin of the mysterious king “Black Panther” and a “Lander250 x Captain America”.

The Yamaha XTZ250 Lander is a tourer motorcycle made for an off-road purpose. The bike comes with ABS and LED head and taillights.

We may see this model soon in Japan. Also, we see there are “MT03 x Iron Man”, “NMAX160 x Spider-Man”, “NEO125 x Ant-Man”, “Crosser150 x Groot”, “Factor150 x Rocket Raccoon” and “MT07 x Thor”.

NMAX160 collaborated in with Spiderman, another famous superhero. The superhero stung by a spider and acts like a spider in the movie for a good cause.

However, this collaboration is something different that we see than the normal paint schemes that you see on the bikes.

Superheroes on bikes are a wonderful idea to market both brands.

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