Yamaha brings new colour for its 2021 NMAX 155

 Yamaha brings new colour for its 2021 NMAX 155

Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg. Officially released the Prestige Silver colour for the highest variant of the all-new NMAX 155 Connected / ABS.

This new colour will undoubtedly enrich consumers’ colour choices apart from the Maxi Signature Black and Matte Blue, which are already available.

Prestige Silver colour is a unique colour explicitly developed by Yamaha to fully expose the motorbike body’s curves to look more luxurious and elegant. 

New colour

This colour comes applied to several of Yamaha’s latest products, such as the Lexi S.The All-New Aerox 155 Connected / ABS. The All-New NMAX 155 Standard Upgrade the GEAR 125 S Version.

“Since its introduction, Prestige Silver has received tremendous response in the community. 

It encourages Yamaha to expand these colours to superior products such as the All-New NMAX 155 Connected / ABS variant.

Yamaha is optimistic that consumers will more love this colour in the future. And can colour a trendsetter like the current Maxi Signature Black colour.

In addition to presenting the new Prestige Silver colour in the All-New NMAX 155 Connected / ABS variant.

Yamaha also provides a refresher on the Maxi Signature Black colour, which now appears more masculine and classy. 

The black colour on the body and the wheels’ gold colour is a little more glossy or shiny. It is suitable for those who want to ride with a stylish look.

All New NMAX 155 Connected / ABS itself is the best premium automatic motorbike in its class. It comes with various updates in various sectors both in design, features and performance.

Motor Specifications Appendix

MAXI Feature

The All-New NMAX 155 Connected / ABS is equipped with the Y-Connect feature, making it easy for drivers to get information related to phone notifications.

And incoming messages on the motorbike dashboard, fuel consumption information, information on the last parking location when connected to the application. 

These maintenance recommendations show the battery and oil condition, malfunction notifications to the Revs Dashboard feature attractive to users.

The Y-Connect application also has a Rank feature that is entertaining for consumers to enjoy driving activities. Because they can compete with fellow CCU model users (Yamaha motorbikes that have the Y-Connect feature) mileage and eco riding points.

This motorbike comes equipped with other excellent features such as the Smart Key System with Immobilizer. And Answer Back System so that it is easy to find the motorbike parking position. 

Electric Power Socket charges the driver’s smartphone battery and Handle Bar Switch Control.

Making it easier for you to choose the display of information and settings on the speedometer. (the control button is on the left-hand handle).


The All-New NMAX 155 Connected / ABS has ample legroom. The driving position is more relaxed for both short. And long distances and sub-tank suspension to support more comfortable driving performance in various road conditions.


The All-New NMAX 155 Connected / ABS comes equipped with LED-tech front and rear lights with a Hazard Lamp whose design inherits the MAX series DNA. The motorbike has a large trunk. 

It can store an XL full-face helmet. Multifunctional Digital Speedometer with an informative.

Modern design and a practical closed Front Compartment for storing luggage come presented on the motorbike.

Total New Engine 155cc

The All-New NMAX 155 Connected / ABS carries a Total New Blue Core 155cc Engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology.

And it makes torque and power evenly distributed kitchen sector at every engine speed. 

This motorbike also carries Smart Motor Generator (SMG) technology to make the smooth engine start.

And the Stop & Start System (SSS) to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption when the motor stops.


With the new engine full of this technology, the All-New NMAX 155 Connected can produce a maximum power of 11.3 kW / 8,000rpm. And a maximum torque of 13.9Nm / 6500rpm.

For a more optimal braking system. This motorbike is also equipped with Dual Channel ABS and a Traction Control System to reduce the rear tire slipping risk when accelerating in various road surface conditions.

The All-New NMAX 155 currently comes in three optional versions, the Standard version offered for IDR 29,750,000.

The Standard Upgrade version (Connected version) for IDR 31,000,000 and the Connected / ABS version for IDR 33,750,000. 

All of them are OTR Jakarta prices.

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