BMW is now part of Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC)

 BMW is now part of Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC)

For decades, BMW Motorrad is leading the way about improving motorcycling safety. 

ABS, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) or Automatic Cruise Control (ACC) with radar-based distance regulation are just a few examples of the innovative strength of BMW Motorrad when it comes to motorcycle safety. 

The topic focuses on the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC), a cross-manufacturer consortium for motorcycle safety founded in 2016. 

As a founding member of the CMC, BMW Motorrad will continue working together with other renowned manufacturers to increase motorcycling safety further and make riding pleasure on two wheels even safer and more attractive.

CMC continues after a milestone achievement

Motorcycle manufacturers in CMC signed an agreement in December 2020 to continue cooperation 2021 onwards to further enhance motorcycle safety. 

And ensure that motorcycles maintain their future mobility role. 

BMW Motorrad, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., KTM AG, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd, Suzuki Motor Corporation, and Triumph Design Ltd. expressed their intention to support CMC’s everyday activity ‘Next’.

The approach comes widened, and the work will include investigating conspicuity of the motorcycle by ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance System). 

This ‘system’ approach looks at creating synergies between onboard sensor systems and connectivity.

CMC members consider safety as a goal for the industry and favour a strategy on improving motorcycle rider’s safety.

CMC Basic Specification as a milestone

Since its establishment in 2016, CMC has worked on a Basic Specification for motorcycle-specific V2X* connectivity systems. 

CMC has launched this ‘CMC-Basic Specification’ on Dec 11th 2020. The Basic Specification is a first step to describe the function of motorcycle V2X systems.

In a further step beyond 2020, the participating manufacturers will define additional essential functional requirements to standardise in detail.

CMC’ Next’ increases cooperation with Car & other vehicle industries

A further crucial step for CMC’ Next’ after 2020 is the cooperation with the car industry and other vehicle manufacturers since motorcycles shall communicate in a standardised way. 

Modern cars come increasingly equipped with onboard sensor systems (radar, camera ane more) and driver assistance systems. 

These vehicle systems need to include motorcycle requirements to enhance their safety effects in mixed traffic with motorcycles.

CMC believes that tailored motorcycle/car scenarios and tests need to be developed and standardised.

The new organisation has started its activity in January 2021. The six motorcycle manufacturers encourage other motorcycle manufacturers, suppliers.

Car manufacturers and other related organisations further to pursue the deployment of new elements for motorcycle safety.

As a motorcycle and car manufacturer, the BMW Group has a twofold interest in CMC NEXT’s topics. 

And sees particular opportunities for synergy in this dual role, especially in the area of onboard sensor technology. 

BMW Motorrad plans to use rider assistance functions to improve motorcycle safety. 

As part of CMC NEXT, work towards ensuring that both V2X systems and the onboard sensor-based systems of motorbikes and cars work hand in hand and are not stand-alone systems.

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