In December 2019 we did say Yamaha doesn’t want to resurrect its retro novelty the SR400. Our news was accurate as Yamaha has brought the final edition of the SR400.

Yamaha Motor Co Ltd Japan will release the “SR400 Final Edition” equipped with an air-cooled on March 15, 2021.


Yamaha SR400 is the king of the road from 1978 to 2018, powered by a 399cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve engine hip classic. The 399cc motor calibrates to 18kW (24PS/23.67 hp) / 6,500r / min.


SR400 a younger sibling to SR500 was a typical kick-starter. One of the critical aspects of this bike was to store the engine oil in the frame. The frame also housed the cooling system.

It made the bike more efficient in not having any external oil reservoir and saving space. It also allowed increasing the ground clearance as well as reducing pumping loss.

With 28 NM @ 3000 rpm of Torque, the bike has a top speed of 129 kmp/h and carried a wet weight‎ of ‎175kg. Those are some impressive specs for a single cylinder.

SR400 came with aluminium rims and spoked wheels. The analogue speedometer and tacho with trademark steel bezel.

The speedo showcased details like blinkers, low fuel warning, engine trouble indicator, gear positions and headlight high beam indicators. 

It has all the essential functions like horn, hazard, flash to pass button, low and high beam button on the left side. The right had an engine kill button.

Another useful feature Yamaha SR400 has is if the engine is left idle, the engine automatically cuts after more than 20 minutes.

Further, the exhausts have a coat of nanofilm so as not to rust, and it also has a 3-way honeycomb-type catalytic converter.

We had rumours Yamaha wants to resurrects this machine. However, we don’t see it happening, which does mean Yamaha will discontinue it.

So how is the final SR400 edition?

The SR400 final edition is available in two colours, dark grey and blue. A speedo brings a classical mood on the chrome-plated fender. 

It is proof of SR’s complete aesthetic sense that sticks to brilliance and texture.

A newly designed side cover that fuses tradition and modernity and colours the SR logo.

Further, the decompression mechanism allows the engine to be started efficiently without using unnecessary force.

With only 1000 copies the SR400 is limited to Japan.

In Japan, the SR400 final edition costs 605,000 yen close to INR 4.26 Lakhs in India.

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