Yamaha Motor Co.Ltd.domestic group companies Yamaha Motor Power Products Co., Ltd., and Yamaha Motor Engineering Co.Ltd. 

It will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall from October 20th (Wednesday) to 22nd (Friday). They will jointly exhibit at “RISCON TOKYO 2021”, one of Japan’s largest disaster prevention trade fairs.

The theme of the exhibition is “PLAY SURVIVE to prepare for playing”. By expanding the daily use of disaster prevention tools (machinery materials).


They propose a new voluntary and community disaster prevention style. That “enjoys peacetime and is useful in emergencies.”

Yamaha Motor

Amid concerns about an increase in disaster risk. The importance of “preparation and actions to protect oneself” and “a spirit of mutual help and network building in peacetime”. To cover the functions and reach of government and public assistance is essential. 

It is increasing. On the other hand, there are many troubles such as “I couldn’t move” or “I couldn’t move” when the equipment I had was in an emergency. 

To achieve the required performance when needed, create opportunities to familiarize yourself with the equipment in your daily life and acquire and master the knowledge. And skills for inspection and maintenance and correct and safe operation.

 At the Yamaha Motor booth, they propose voluntary, and district disaster prevention that “plays and prepares” individually. As a family, and in the community through exhibiting motorcycles, flood rescue boats, generators, LED floodlights and more.

Rough road disaster prevention commuter “Rough Road Tricity Concept” (concept model)

Technology-equipped vehicle “TRICITY 125/155” comes equipped with equipment for rough roads.With various advantages such as high stability of the vehicle body, effective wide field of view while driving, and less mental burden.

It is a proposal of a disaster prevention commuter that is easy to handle even in various road surface conditions at a disaster site. And can be widely used from daily life to disasters.


Motorcycle “Ténéré 700” (commercial model)

The adventure model “Ténéré 700”, which has a high level of balance between high off-road driving performance and utility performance in touring.

It embodies the disaster prevention style of “playing and preparing.” Yamaha will exhibit a graphic model with this message based on a commercial vehicle.


via Yamaha

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