There’s no doubt that Zero has one of, if not the most loyal customer base in the motorcycle industry. And with good reason. 

Not only do their motorcycles appear to be both more stylish and technically advanced than just about anything else on the market, but Zero is also committed to its customers.

And this is one good reason why they are have introduced a new lineup. In 2019 the company unveiled the SR/F, and in 2020 they brought SR/S.


Further in mid-2021, we saw FXE. However, they have now brought new and large batteries, amended the app interface and extended their SR portfolio.

The SR/F and SR/S models come with the same 14.4 kWh battery and Z-Force 75-10 AC motor, and they calibrate to make 110 hp and 140 ft-lb of torque, which, in turn, makes the bike go top speed at 199km/h (124-mph).

On the other hand, the larger capacity of 15.6 kWh batteries makes the bike go at a top speed in the range from 251 km/h (156mph) to 271km/h (169mph).

The 6kW charger will charge the SR/F and SR/S in 2.7 hrs, while the 3W charger will take 4.5 hrs.

Further, Zeros new Cypher III+ operating system provides better performance and experience to the user.

With the upgraded and extended 17.3 kWh Cypher range, the bikes can now reach 300km(187 miles). And for the mix range Zeros, batteries have 20.9 kWh, which makes the 365km(227miles) range in the city.

You can now upgrade the 6W charger to 7W.

Zero has unveiled the next iteration of the SR platform, the 2022 SR. The new model arrives as part of a platform shuffle that includes a new battery and enhanced connectivity options. 

With this, you can now increase the performance from 15-50 percent. And you can also purchase up to 20 per cent more battery range. 

The upgrades should make the beastly electric motorcycle even more appealing to performance enthusiasts and everyday riders alike.

The new Cypher upgrades are planned to arrive somewhere in March 2022. These upgrades are also available to the 2020 and 2021 SR/F and SR/S customers.


  • 2022 Zero SR now arrives at $17,995.
  • 2022 SR/F retails at $19,495 while the premium variant costs $21,495.
  • Standard 2022 Zero SR/S arrives at $19,995, while the top variant arrives at $21,995. 

via Zero Motorcycles

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