ZID electric scooter designed specifically for commuting

ZID electric scooter designed specifically for commuting

You think the teen’s scooter is fantastic, but this one might make you go green. The Two-wheeler category has seen new types of innovative personal mobility systems. 

This requires an overhaul of a broad range of designs, ranging from the framework and body of the vehicle itself to safety features and two-wheeler categories.



So reports show that 2-wheeled vehicles will dominate roadways over the next 15 years amid a change in consumer tastes and urbanization. 

We wanted to spotlight this unique scooter concept ZID electric scooter cruiser developed in line with these trends.

All this is tepid water to the alternative energy-powered future. There has been a spike in the growth of electric vehicles recently. 

Electromobility is making headlines for its mobility solutions for crowded urban spaces, offering a style statement for the millennials.



The ZID electric scooter cruiser is a re-designed and revamped alternative to the commuter motorcycle. This low-slung electric bike has a cluster of features that make it as desirable as an all-powerful commuter vehicle. 

Sleek, sophisticated and highly futuristic – this has got to be one of the most visually appealing alternative modes of commuting.

The ZID is an electric scooter cruiser with a sharp-looking design and several revolutionary features that make this stylish ride stand out from the rest.

A moveable section underneath the covered area connects the front and rear wheels.


Why ZID?

Some scooters out there might have great power, a fantastic look, or even a bit more space for things you need to take along. However, Gen Z always looks for something new, cool and stylish (not shiny, flashy stuff). 

And this is where the ZID Electric Scooter comes in. It has a super sleek look to it and a very chill personality while carrying some things like a skateboard and baseball bat along at the same time.

The straight handlebar is the first thing to catch your eye when you look at it. The display on the left shoulder of the handlebar is bright, clear and very easy to read and shows important information like battery level and speed. 

Then there’s that sweet small headlight across the bottom of the handlebar to see where you’re going even in pitch darkness. Whether riding into work at dusk or out on an after-hours date with your friends, this stylish electric scooter is for urban riding for Gen Z. 

via Alexander Yamaev

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