The US homologation documents suggest Ducati will bring three models in 2021.

  • Diavel 1260 Lamborghini.
  • Scrambler 1100 pro dark and
  • Multistrada 1260 enduro grand tour.

In the US before any motorcycle manufacturer brings there bikes in the market. A green signal had to be shown by these two agencies.

  • Land protection agency and 
  • US environmental protection agency.

While exploring their archives, we were able to see the name of these three new 2021 Ducati models.


Diavel 1260 Lamborghini 

It is fascinating as there were rumours in the past about the possible collaboration between Lamborghini and Ducati.

Both Ducati and Lamborghini fall under Audi. However, from the documents filed by Ducati, we will be able to see the partnership bearing fruit.

Specs of the new Lamborghini Diavel will remain similar to the present Diavel having 159 hp, Testastretta DVT 1260 cc engine. 

Expect a high-level exclusive touch on the aesthetics front.

We have our renderings of how it could look like. There are two options.

  • With Lamborghini name and 

  • Without Lamborghini name

Scrambler 1100 pro dark 

The new version will arrive at low cost compared to its siblings Sport pro and 1100 pro.

As per the documents, the specs remain the same while the change is mainly on the aesthetics front.

L-Cylinder, 1079 cc with 86 hp.

2020 Scrambler Icon Dark

Multistrada 1260 enduro grand tour

The new Multi 1260 enduro gt is expected to get tour related accessories. As Ducati has already provided on the present 1260 enduro gt and differs from the Standard variant.

Also, from the aesthetics front, there are chances we may be able to see a new paint scheme.

.2020 Multistrada 1260 enduro gt

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