Hero Electric and Mahindra currently dominate the electric bike market space. As they are aggressively launching new products and expanding their portfolios. 

Given the fact that there is a vast untapped potential in the electric bike segment.Many established players are trying hard to enter this segment.

If Benelli brings its electric bike to production after 2021. It will be an exciting development, considering the automaker has no experience in this space whatsoever. 


We are talking about the Qianjiang QJ7000D electric motorcycle. And Qianjiang recently showcased at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show.


The QJ7000D, as you see, is a pretty radical bike for its home market. And it shows much foresight from Qianjiang into the future that electric mobility is going to be China’s preferred mode of transport.

 It’s good looking and has good performance.But only if you have the range to commute from work or run errands without much effort.

The faux fuel tank gets a curvaceous profile, reaching down from the seat to the mid-riding position. It gives a visual platform for the rider to place their legs on the bike. 


The bike continues its flowing form with an LED headlamp as well as rear supports for ancillary equipment. 

The handlebar setup will be similar to that on the concept model. Though the final production model may get slimmer switchgear instead of the prototype’s bigger ones. 

The seating position is forward-set but upright. The rear section accommodates a stepped seat and sizeable pillion pad, while the grab rails are absent in the images. We see the pillion gets the decent space to seat.

What’s more, the bike will get a V-Shaped windscreen. At the same time, the fairing receives two paint schemes, grey and blue. 


Grey dominates among the two. We also get to see the stylish sporty clip-ons with rearview mirrors.

What about the performance figures? While genuine electric-only motorcycles can’t hope to be as fast and responsive as their 1000cc and above counterparts. 

We don’t see any reason why we cant have decent acceleration and handling characteristics in electric bikes. 

And the QJ7000D certainly looks like it has these qualities. The bike also gets a 10kW (13.4 bhp) electric motor that calibrates to make a top speed of 105 kmph. 

The electric powerplant gets support from a 72V, 60Ah battery pack.And it helps to provide a 100 km range in a single charge.

The QJ700D also has a manual transmission. Further, it has an LCD console to help riders showcase critical information like time, speed, battery usage, gears and Bluetooth connectivity.

While the QJ7000D is an electric, production-ready motorcycle, it is yet to be decided if Benelli will manufacture this bike. 

Reports suggest that with the introduction of two new performance bikes, Benelli may stick to its classic models instead of diving into the electric revolution with Qianjiang Motors.

Image Source: Bennetts

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