After years, the Honda V4 is coming to an end. The latest victim of emissions regulations is the V4 which will be discontinued.

With the decision by Honda to end production of the V4 in Japan at the end of this year, the model will vanish from the Japanese market entirely.

But it doesn’t mean Honda will leave the super-sports bike segment forever — at least not in the short term. 


New V4

The Japanese manufacturer is said to be working on a new generation of sports bikes that will be entirely different from the current.

Honda V4 Patent

The old patent shows cylinder banks

So the V4 engine has had a very, very successful history. Honda has won many MotoGP titles and continues to do so with Marc Marquez. And Honda is looking to expand on that with a new super sports bike.


With Honda moving the second edition of its RC-V from a V5 layout to a V4 design, rumours were solid of Honda bringing something new to the table. We got to know their SBK riders were eagerly waiting for the new machine with the new engine.

Since 2013, Honda has filed several patents related to its new V4 layout. However, fast forward to 2021, Honda had registered a typical patent in Europe that had one cylinder out of the two getting activated based on the torque being pushed with the help of the accelerator.

Honda V4 Patent

The diagram of the old patent shows the air circulation of the cylinder banks

It isn’t similar to the solution adopted by other manufacturers like Indian, Harley, or Ducati that occurred when the bike was idle, which is advantageous because it has better mileage.

New patent

However, if we see the layout of the latest V4 engine filed in Germany, It is built in a way that has a 90 ° angle between the cylinders. The patent was filed last June.

You could easily find the difference as we see the difference in the shapes of the cylinder heads. But then Honda engineers have electronically managed the length varies with the help of intake ducts in the cylinders.

Honda V4 Patent

A Diagram of the latest patent filed in June shows how the air in the ducts is being regulated

Now the engine speed varies as the intake parameters amend the cylinders’ filling, which also favours the torque, which helps the power delivery in the broader range.

Of course a new V4

The V4 is one of the signature sounds of motorcycling. From powerful and fiery, it marks the top of the hierarchy of the four-cylinder even more than that magic number derived from the number of cylinders together.

And we know with all the time and effort, the V4 is extravagant to produce. But then we should not forget its priceless performance.

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