As more and more enthusiasts and customers became part of the TVS family, TVS realised one thing. The spirit of TVS is about more than just building a world-class two-wheeler. It’s about placing the customer at the heart of every machine they create. 


Their innovation is squarely focused on providing the customers with a ‘ready-to-go’ state-of-the-art motorcycle. And this spirit runs strong in every member of TVS. They go to work every day with the singular mission of helping our customers realise their dreams on two wheels as efficiently as possible.

The Apache RR has traditionally been the bike of enthusiasts, a top performer who provided thrills and the quickest across the board. The Liquid-cooled 312.2cv engine arrives using the latest technology, which ensures good handling & easy ride even at high speeds. In other words, the bike remains steady despite being pushed to the limit by its rider.


BTO or Build To Order: The platform

It is a big deal, especially when dealing with powerful machines such as Apache RR. If considered the previously available options too much for most riders and bikers, now there’s a better option called BTO or Build To Order.

TVS has had a long history of innovation, and it’s no different with the launch of TVS Apache RR BTO. It is a first-of-its-kind motorcycle customisation platform. With TVS BTO, the customer can build his motorcycle according to his needs and likes. 

Much effort has gone into the interface design of this brilliant platform. The new link to the website that comes along with this is Apache BTO, where the client can then customise the bike to meet his requirements. Simultaneously you can also use the TVS ARIVE app on your mobile.

One can still use the platform, which gives a virtual understanding of what the bike is going to look like when it comes out. Any potential buyer can view the bike in AR and 3D mode. It can be very inspiring and comforting for those looking for the minutest details before they decide to buy.


How to choose the components?

Before you decide to purchase, the customisation options are available for you to select on the BTO platform.

Kit ->Colour->Race Number->Alloy Wheels. 

The platform arrives with two kits.

  1. Dynamic kit and
  2. Race kit

Dynamic Kit: The Dynamic kit sets out to make the difference in every terrain possible with a unique adjustable front suspension and rear mono-shock and brass coated drive chain. Its exceptional race edition graphics also make a statement about its uncompromised performance.

Race Kit:  For those who love exploring their performance limits, or in other words, for those who aspire to clip every apex and burn rubber on every straight, this unique breed of machines-Apache RR BTO- promises everything you desire. So the Race kit offers multiple options like tuck down racing handlebar, raised footrest, and race footpegs.

Colour: The all-new TVS Apache RR310 Race Replica is the latest addition to the existing range of premium racing machines from TVS Racing – an inherent part of every motorcycle that leaves their facility. The design integrates classic sports lines with attractive graphics, enhanced muscular stature and a lashing tail end, making it a racing icon.

Race Number: One of the significant milestones in any biker’s life is to own a motorcycle. Owning a motorbike is not just a passion but is also an identity. You get to hold an “identity” of your own on two-wheelers. The number on the machine is more than just a figure! It is an identity that is owned by you and defines you. With the option of getting your favourite number on the visor, you can carve your legacy through your track weapon.

The price is added to the model as you start adding these above components. You can see all the snapshots from the all the angle taken by us in the below gallery. Just to see the bike looks in 3D mode.

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