Back in 2008, Desmosedici GP8 had supported Ducati to bring multiple MotoGP victories.

However, now the GP8 machine used by Casey Stoner is on sale. The Desmosedici started from GP3 series to GP11. The GP11 was the one used by Rossi and Hayden from 2011.

The GP8 was an update on the earlier GP7 version. When compared to its predecessor, the GP8 was 800cc, four-cylinder which had 16 valves.


The motor comes improved to derive more power from the mid and top range when compared to GP7.

Specs and Price

In 2007 Ducati did test a unique clutch mechanism which would disengage the clutch while applying brakes. Ducati made this mechanism to save fuel consumption.

However, Ducati did not incorporate this mechanism in GP8. The GP8 made an official top speed of 343.2 km/h (213.3 mph) at the 2008 Chinese motorcycle Grand Prix.

In 2007 with the help of Ducati Casey Stoner was the world champion. However, his luck ran out when he was on 2008 GP8 as he had multiple falls. But then he was runner-up behind Valentino Rossi.

We are not sure about the exact dates, but it made 230 hp at over 16,000 revolutions. It was in 2008 and could reach till 350 km/h. And the bike just weighs 150 kgs.

Further, Casey Stoner did have four wins of the season on the GP8 which makes this machine as a collectors edition and you can give this gift too.

The bike costs 449,000 Euros on Ebay classifieds the option of delivery inclusion. Further guarantee and right of exchange to come included.

If you need one, we believe this is the right time and chance to own one of the rarest. MotoGP Ducati machines.

It could also serve as Christmas gift or a collectors edition where you may want to put the machine in your living room.


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