Repsol Honda Hornet 2.0 is here

 Repsol Honda Hornet 2.0 is here

Honda has brought a Repsol edition Hornet 2.0, and the crucial thing here is the livery which comes in Honda’s Repsol racing MotoGP colours.

The plan to bring this livery is to attract young demographics and MotoGP fans who are close to the racing the DNA.


We don’t see any change in the structure it comes with 184.40cc motor which calibrates 17.03hp( 12.7 kW)@8500rpm and 16.1Nm @6000rpm torque with bore stroke 61*63.09mm. The engine comes fitted with a HET engine that produces fierce power. With the best-in-class mid-range torque

184cc setup

The motor comes integrated with a 5-speed transmission with multi-plate wet clutch.

Digital with liquid crystal dash 

Design and Chassis

The Repsol Hornet 2.0 come with all the LED lights, including blinkers. The 5-level illumination meter is perfectly positioned to let you know how fast you’re going as you race against the wind.

Further, Honda has put a diamond type frame with Upside-down fork (USD) at front and Monoshock on the opposite end.

Full LEDs

The good mono-shock suspension setup

Golden upside-down front fork

The brake duties are performed by petal-type disc /276 mm (1 Channel ABS) at front and rear gets disc /220 mm. The contours of the bike let one achieve superior aero-dynamism with the specialised shapes of shrouds & air passages.

140mm rear wide tire

Dual petal disc brakes

The Repsol colours nor only look on the Hornet by adding more value to existing charisma.

Split style sports seats

The curvy 12l fuel tank


The beefy tank on the Hornet 2.0 Repsol Honda Edition is a true expression of aggression. It also comes with an engine stop switch.

Priced at Rs 1.28 lakh (ex-showroom Gurgaon) this lower cc Hornet will definitely put the charm to your riding DNA. The bike retails by more Rs 2000 compared to the standard model.



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Akash Dolas

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