Work of Art

Our minds are busy and one of the good reason why it is because we have been taking a look at custom Honda CB1000R – Reversa.

Well, another good reason is you don’t often get to see such artefacts. At least not every day.

And this prooves the work done on them by folks at Imbarcadero 14 Venice is pristine and more elegant.


Now, this isn’t the first time they have done such classy work. If you happen to surf there website and we strongly recommend you to do so.

There are other builds such as this Aprilia flat tracker or for that matter BMW R100 RT. These are pure work of art with a touch of divinity.

It’s effortless to guess as to where these folks belong. Yes, Venice is there home. However, the entire planet is their playground.

Well, we don’t have to talk much because as you see, their varied collection is humongous. 

And undoubtedly, there is a positive aura dwells around the collection which may happen to entice you.


While our talks continue, let’s take a look at one such build which happens to allure more.

The Honda CB1000R – Reversa. The divinity in motion. 

Now the stock itself is a top-notch engineering marvel from Honda. The reason well under the beautiful structure lies the brutal hidden power. 

And imagine to take it to the next level is one hell of a task.

Do you agree? Well, we do.

The stock CBR1000R arrives with ruthless specs, and few are the 998cc liquid-cool behemoth boasts of 143 bhp with 104 Nm of torque with output at 8,250 rpm.


The other good part it comes with a compression ratio of 11.6:1. The six-speed transmission comes integrated with a 998cc engine.

Everything combined makes the CBR1000R Neo- Sport reach a top speed of 242km which is close to 151 mph.

At the front, the Reversa gets the Showa’s SFF-BP shocks, and the BRFC shocks accompany the rear.

Brakes are hydraulic one piston 256mm disc at the rear, and on the opposite end, we get to see the 310 mm floating brake discs.

Suspension and chassis remained untouched as the folks were requested to do so. At the same time, they had a privilege to play with its structure.

The entire structure resembles a wild fish Shark with aluminium panels made in house by the folks at Imbarcadero. The tail light remains untouched and is stock.

Ignition component and the gauge are moved in a way to create the fuel tank.

To add to the beauty and to make it race-spec, the clip-ons replaced the standard handlebars. To match the entire package the custom also received the new headlight.

With aggressive titanium front, you get to see the high-end seat with Alcantara leather with some cool stitching.


Oh well the NanoTech S.P.A carbon fibre exhaust paved way instead of the usual stock exhausts.

To know more about their work, we suggest you take a glance at there social media handles Instagram and Facebook.

We are confident won’t be left unimpressed.

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