Country-wise famous motorcycle manufacturers

 Country-wise famous motorcycle manufacturers

To show which motorcycle brand is famous across the world. The folks at the Budget Direct Motorcycle Insurance came up with a simple yet unique idea.

The came with the idea which motorcycle represents which country. The mechanism the folks used to put this map up was Google Keyword data.

Google Keyword

And the query was how often a motorcycle brand is searched on the Internet in a country.

Well don’t get surprised the colour key of Harley Davidson is Orange, and we see, entire North America, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine. In Europe, there is the UK, France and Poland.

In Africa, we see Libya, Egypt, Mali, Congo, South Africa. As far as South America goes, we see Argentina, Peru, Bolivia.

When it comes to search apart from Australia the Harley was also the top brand in New Zealand.

Royal Enfiled are famous in India. The brand is renowned in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Nigeria.

Mexico is more of Hondas. Similarly, we see Kawasaksi in Honduras. On the other side, people in South America searched more on Honda.

In Japan, it is a mix of Yamaha, Honda and Harley. Guyana, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are dominant on Ducati.

Czech, Slovakia and Latvia like Kawasaki and Hondas respectively, Honda are also a significant part of this world.

Spain goes for Kawasaki while Ducati is famous in Italy. Bajaj Auto becomes more searched in Ethiopia.

Tanzania is more of Vespa while on the southern side of Africa people have searched more on Harley Davidson.

Kawasaki is famous in Japan. Royal Enfields takes the South Asian continent. At the same time, Harley-Davidson is renowned in the East. The Philippines and South Korea like Honda.

Similarly, the Orange brigade is dominant all across the globe. The Google Keyword is the easiest way to find any brands, but in this case, Harley stays on top due to various reasons.

Source: Financial Express

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