In 1967 Dallas Oilman Lee Fikes created an extraordinary custom that is based on stock BMW R60.

Well, it was got an amended 1500cc Volkswagen Flat-4 engine that was installed by Lee.

Why did Lee swap the engine?

  • The story goes in a way where Fikes got BMW R60 to ride on his honeymoon in Yucatan Peninsula and the irony was the bike’s original 600cc engine was not as sturdy to even carry the baggage of 2 people.
  • The design of the engine was compact, simple and there was not much of maintenance that was supposed to be carried out for this engine.
  • Also, there was one more reason why Lee swapped the engine and it was the VW Beetle factory that was in Mexico now that meant there also many mechanics and spare parts available in Mexico.
  • However, this engine was put on various vehicles like tractors, boats, and bikes.

Lee improved the stock engine and thought not to leave it. He also made several changes like a new device panel that had a speedometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, and tachymeter. Thomas Tomahawk valve covers were also put on the bike.


 The “Fikobike” will be sold at the auction.

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