David’s story about Ducati 125 Regolarita Six Days

The real story goes in a way when we saw a rare classic Ducati 125cc Regolarita Six Days on David’s Instagram feed

That’s when the real conversation started.The Regolarita is in the right condition when we saw it with a mix of white, yellow, and typical red frame colors.

That’s when we realized that we are looking at the rare gem. Before we go and talk about the history of this exceptional vintage enduro.


Let’s look at how David got his hands on the 125 Regolarita Six Days. That not only made us jealous, but we now have an innate desire to own one. 

Let’s hear the story from David himself.

” About the story, as I had mentioned. The guy bought it in good condition but had it improved further so it looks really super lovely now, very close to original (front lamp and mask are not unique, would be round).

But he put a larger carb on and now, of course, the engine runs very rough, and you can’t tune the carb. 

So he wanted to get rid of it, and I liked it a lot, and we made a trade-in. He had bought a Norton Commando California from me, and I took in the Ducati. 

This is almost 2 years ago, and only now, I found some time to actually get the bike running. 

So I will have to get the correct carb, tune it and have fun with it “.

Well, now that really looks to be quite an exciting deal.

History of Ducati 125 Regolarita Six Days

The model does have quite an exciting history. Ducati’s history is impressive. 

Back in 80’s Ducati wanted to compete with other 250, 350, and 450 cc motorcycles. However, they were not able to do it.

Ducati came up with a novel idea to build a 125 CC enduro and it was built between 1975 to 1977. The outcome was 125cc Regolarita Six Days that was 124 cc, two-stroke integrated with a six-speed gearbox.

The bike is a bit heavy, which is 107 kgs compared to today’s Enduro bikes.

The motorcycle was revised in 1977 that had less weight. However, the bikes were canceled on the production cycle itself, making it one of the rarest bikes that we see today.

About David

David started the Moto Candy based on the wish to become an active part in the motorcycle world.Rather than just being a consumer.

Having a daytime job at a desk is good, but there was a wish to go further in life and get more involved in the motoring world.

Due to a change in his job position.He decided to spend some time on setting up Moto Candy, get the Lolly-Pop ready. And tuned to join the Sultans of Sprint challenge. 

Since he already had the bike, it was an obvious decision to take it as the basis for the sprint bike. 

After having agreed with Thomas and Beat, to transform a road-going bike into a drag-racer.

They started with ordering all the parts and build what we today know as the Lolly-Pop.The sugar rush bike.

You can also see entire David’s interview and more on his custom bike Lolly- Pop here.

Picture Source : David Maric

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