Torp Motors, the Croatia based startup, has come up with the offroad two wheels that look like a cross between mountain bikes and electric bikes.

If you look for the first time, it does look like a bicycle. However, when you take a look at it closely, you won’t find any pedals. It’s all about the pure electric drive that it comes with.



The bike gets 15 kW and 300 Nm electric motor that draws its energy from a 1.8 kWh battery module.

The electric motor is put in the frame at the top side. The frame is made up of aluminum sheets that are brought together. At the front, you will see Manitou USD fork, and the rear you will see shocks from Fox.

The range is 110 km as per Torp Motors; however, the battery weighs eight kgs. Overall the bike weighs 29 kgs and capable of going with the speed of 80 km / h. Comes with three modes 

The more powerful modes have to be experienced with the appropriate kilometers – safety comes first, says Torp. Energy is recovered when braking.

There is also a central display at the top of the frame that shows you the crucial stats. Plus, the onboard systems can also be checked via an app on your mobile.

We sure are not aware of the pricing as to how Torp Motors will put this in which price bracket.

But the quality that we see is top notch and is definitely and high end.

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