The engineers at Royal Enfield wanted to create a progression and evolution of Thunderbird. The Meteor is the next generation a one step above the Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird and cruising have been part of Royal Enfield’s heritage for a long time now.


While the engine is 349cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, long-stroke motor makes 20.2bhp and 27Nm of peak torque


Take 80% of max torque for the UCE. The new engine has spread of extra 1000 rpms. In addition to the old 350cc engine, there is high rpm/low vibration, and it is much comfortable to maintain high speeds.

The 350cc powerplant

Its a sort of new Enfield much smoother with fewer vibrations, and refined. With a low-speed character and the beat of the exhaust note and you are on the traffic signal you turn around and you know its the Enfield.

The engineers at the Royal Enfield added the balancer shaft so that it feels smoother higher up but also retain the much character low down the beat.

The balancer shaft

It has a high torque engine, a signature exhaust note. The Meteor 350 BS6 is very tractable for city work or on the open road and even sustain high-speed cruising.

The feel is like the roadster. Rake angle comes optimized for the long distance and the city commute. The new frame built from scratch. Nothing carried forward.

Building frame in progress

Design and Chassis

As far as the chassis itself goes, again Royal Enfield engineers have put multiple efforts to give you a responsive bike, enjoyable to ride at the same time it is secure and reliable.

Meteor 350 design

Further, the Royal Enfield gets the tripper pod, and it does display intuitively turn by turn directions—powered by Google Maps and the Royal Enfield App that connects smartphones with the motorcycle through Bluetooth. 

Tripper pod

Tripper is a sophisticated navigation solution that indicates directions through an intuitive display system with an additional USB charging port on the bike.

The Meteor 350 comes tested all over the world, the UK, Spain and obviously in India. And the result is a motorcycle which is fun and easy to ride. Meteor 350 is a very compliant motorcycle.

The tests

You can jump on it feel at home straight away. The classic look and feel and the sound is a charm. 

With 15 litres of the fuel tank and 170mm ground clearance, all the three variant comes in multiple paint schemes.

Paint schemes

  • The Fireball comes in Fireball yellow and Fireball red paint schemes. 

    Fireball red

    Fireball yellow

  • The Stellar arrives in three paint schemes, Red metallic, Black matte, and Blue metallic. 

    Red metallic
    Blue metallic
    Matte Black

  • The top variant Supernova comes in two paint options – Brown and Blue dual-tone paint schemes.


The braking duties are performed by 300mm disc with a twin-piston floating calliper at the front and 270mm disc single-piston calliper on the opposite end.

On the suspension front, the front has the telescopic 41mm forks 130mm travel while the rear has twin-tube emulsion with six steps adjustable preload.

Front tyres are 100/90- 19inch 57p tubeless tyre, and the rear tyre is  140/70- 17inch 66p tubeless tyre supported by alloy wheels.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 price in India is as below.


The Fireball will retail at Rs 1,75,800. Similarly the Stellar at Rs 1,81,342 and the top variant Supernova at Rs 1,90,536.

The new Royal will go head-on with Jawa Standard, Honda H’ness CB 350 and Benelli Imperiale 400.

Mass customization program

Royal Enfield also brings the mass customization program, which is a unique customer-centric program via which Royal Enfield will provide unique personalization options to customers to configure there own motorcycles.

Meteor 350 aims at that generation of rider who loves the classic Royal Enfield thump, the inertia, the torque comes from the engine. Who wants to have a little bit more contemporary.

Launch Video


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