TVS plans to resurrect Fiero

 TVS plans to resurrect Fiero

For quite a while now we have been talking about discontinued motorcycles which are now coming back to life.  

Whether it’s Honda Hness CB350 or Triumph Trident 660, now we see TVS walking the same path and may plan to bring its one-time famous model Fiero.

Precisely 18 years ago the application was filed in 2002 with the number ‘ 1162595’, plus it is valid up to 2022.

And the proprietor is ‘Sundaram Clayton Limited (SCL).’

Let’s understand who Sundaram Clayton Limited is. 

Sundaram Clayton Limited (SCL) is part of the $8.5 billion TVS group. One of the largest auto components manufacturing and distribution group in India. 

SCL is a leading supplier of aluminium die castings to the automotive and non-automotive sector.

Since commencing operation in 1962.SCL has achieved many milestones and emerged as one of the preferred solution providers in machined and sub-assembled aluminium castings.

Coming back to the Fiero 125. TVS may bring back its ambitious model which they had stopped producing.

Well, one good reason. Right now TVS doesn’t have any motorcycle from 125cc to 150cc range. However, the new Fiero 125 will go head-on against the Bajan Pulsar125 Neon, Honda SP125 and more.

And TVS may want to use its next-generation technology in the upcoming Fiero.


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