Growing Interest

  • There is much interest in small lower displacement adventure motorcycles in India Market.
  • Similarly, Yamaha, too, may have the interest if the competitors prove the size of the sale in the market.
  • Players like Hero, KTM, and Royal Enfield already have lower displacement ADVs, and we also see Suzuki may enter soon.

Now the logical point here is of the manufacturer says that they are keeping a close eye on the lower displacement ADVs, it is likely that the product is almost ready, completed, or under development.

So we think that the likelihood of Yamaha’s all-new FZ25 adventure in the Indian market is quite high.

What is FZ25?


The FZ25 is a 250cc naked bike that Yamaha sells in India.The engine is a cello type or YBR250 type air-cooled engine those who have an oil cooler.

Of course, it’s an injection, and it comes with 2 channel ABS.By the way, India’s emission regulations are BS6 (equivalent to EURO5) from April 2020.

So we think this FZ25 is compatible with EURO5. Reference: Yamaha Fazer 25 Price, Model, Mileage, Specs, Images | India Yamaha Motor By the way, there is also a full cowl FAZER25 as a derivative model.

The president of Yamaha said something interesting

“President Hidaka said,” I am very sorry that there is no cello. 

However, from a business point of view, we can make reasonable decisions, and there is also no choice but to clear all Japanese regulations. 

It’s a fact that it’s very unprofitable and difficult to get something exclusive for Japan. ” “There are also global models with 250 cc engines. 

We hope that they can revive while sharing the core engine in the form of such a global model. It is said that those who were more involved in the development of Cello than me.

This is because there is much passion, and I guess the Cello arrives back someday. ” “

Reference  from: “Motors that don’t fall” Yamaha Motor goes to market . President Hidaka asserts “Within a few years” | Response (

A global model with a 250cc engine, compatible with EURO5, and an engine suitable for Cello.Good for the FZ25 series.

It seems that there is no current plan, but in the future, there is possibility that the Cello arrives with an FZ25 engine or something similar. The president has said so far.

By the way, the adventure motorcycle in the Indian market is not a new cello. Not directly relevant.

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