Ducati remains with Volkswagen no change

 Ducati remains with Volkswagen no change

We last time said about the possible separation of Ducati from VW.

At the VW annual meeting in September 2020, there was possible rumour to sale Ducati, and VW Group CEO Herbert Diess clearly said ‘NO’.

Further, there were rumours about Volkswagen looking for a potential investor, and this was for Ducati. We had also heard VW did have a word with potential bidders.

VW wanted to check if there was any interest in Ducati. However, VW always kept on checking the part but then kept the majority stake with them.

Further, VW also said apart from Ducati for other two sports car brand Bugatti and Lamborghini there could be a restructuring or IPO or sale.

However, now the VW Supervisory Board made it clear that there won’t be any split off between Ducati and Lamborghini. These two brands won’t be put on the stock exchange and will remain with the VW.

Back in 2017 Ruper Sandler Audi boss made sure in an internal communication to Claudio Domenicali, Ducati boss that everything would remain the same as it was.

However later both Ducati and Audi refused to comment.

Now the current press release says 

“There is agreement on the Board that Lamborghini and Ducati will remain part of the Volkswagen Group. In the course of the reorganisation. It comes further resolved that the Bentley brand will fall within the management responsibility of the Audi brand. 

As of 1 March 2021 to allow for synergies comes to achieved as part of the electrification strategy of the two premium brands.”


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Akash Dolas

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