Siddhartha Lal, the Managing Director of Eicher Motors (the parent company of Royal Enfield), says the upcoming Royal Enfield electric bike may not prioritize achieving a long-range like the Ultraviolette F77, which has a reported range of 200 km.

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Lal suggested electric mobility is currently gaining popularity for short-distance city commutes. However, he also mentioned that internal combustion engines will continue to be essential for long-distance rides as long as the weight and cost of electric vehicles remain high.



Based on these statements, Royal Enfield’s approach to their electric motorcycle may be more focused on urban commuting rather than long-distance touring. This could imply that the range of the Royal Enfield electric bike might be optimized for shorter distances, possibly sacrificing an extended range for other features such as affordability or performance.

It’s important to note that until Royal Enfield makes further information or official announcements, these details should be considered speculative and subject to change.


Royal Enfield Electrik01 is an electric motorcycle developed by Royal Enfield. According to the information, the Electrik01 is designed with a range of 100km-120km, which is considered sufficient for urban commuting. The motorcycle is described as minimalistic and compact, indicating its suitability for urban use.

Royal Enfield acknowledges that developing an electric vehicle (EV) requires additional time due to the rigorous testing and validation process. However, they mention specific components, such as the battery pack and motor, can be upgraded more quickly. This flexibility in the development process suggests  Royal Enfield can improve the EV in shorter timeframes.


The company plans to develop the EVs at their existing Vallam Vadagal plant, which already has a dedicated section for the L1A platform. This indicates they have specific infrastructure in place to support the production of electric bikes. Royal Enfield is anticipated to reveal the concept of their electric bike, likely the Electrik01, at EICMA 2023, an international motorcycle exhibition.

Source: Bikedekho

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