Eleveit Hybrid Black Fluorescent Sport Motorcycle Sneakers

Eleveit Hybrid Black Fluorescent Sport Motorcycle Sneakers

When it comes to riding your motorcycle. The right gear needs to look good and make you feel comfortable. But it also needs to provide you with the best protection against the elements. 


It is an area where shoes can play an important role as well. Thanks to more robust and lighter materials, motorcycle-specific shoes are now available in all sorts of styles and designs.With manufacturers becoming more adventurous when it comes to styling.

To understand exactly what type of shoes you need to wear, it is worth looking at these points. Depending on your style of riding or the weather in your area. There will be a different selection of footwear to choose from. 


It is recommended that you carry out some research into motorcycle-specific shoes if you have not already done so.As this can make all the difference during your long rides in the future.

Eleveit has crafted its Hybrid sneakers to be as functional as they are stylish.Thanks mainly to the material that makes up the upper portion.

Motorcycle riders will appreciate this last bit, mainly since rain, mud. And other debris can quickly ruin a pair of nice sneakers in short order. 

The protection provided by the shoe sole is also quite substantial, featuring a hard toe cap for increased safety in case you happen to drop your bike. As well as separated shoe reinforcements for the ankles — something that’s incredibly important when riding your motorcycle. 

And although the sole may be sturdy enough to protect you from cracking your skull in the event of a crash or fall. It isn’t uncomfortable.


And this is where the concept of a hybrid sneaker works its wonders. By marrying a sleek and fashionable design with solid safety features. The Eleveit Hybrid sneakers make it so that you can walk without slipping. 

At the same time, your toes will not be squashed if you fall in the same manner (thankfully, we’re hoping that never happens). It has a synthetic textile exterior.

Furthermore, one of the first things you will notice while looking at the Eleveit Hybrid sneakers is their width. Which is a trait that’s probably hard to understand unless you wear high-end motorcycle shoes. 

Thanks to the soft cushioned collar and tongue. The sneakers fit very comfortably, which hug your ankle and keep you free from chaffing. 

This chaffing problem can become pretty severe when riding for extended periods but not with Eleveit’s sneakers. It gets the Velcro strap with fluorescent laces and a CE safety rating.

These shoes arrive in a single shade, and sizes range from 36 to 48. And these specific shoes arrive at 169.90 Euros ($184).

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