The Indian motorcycle market is dynamic, and the fact that we see BS-VI rules coming into play from April 2020.

We may see the non-BS-VI versions dying soon, and most of the manufacturers are trying to introduce models that align with BS-VI norms.

Ninja 300

Now the sad part is that Kawasaki has already decided to stop the production of Ninja 300.


One of the most crucial reasons that we analyze are current Ninja 300 aligns with the BS-IV norm. And not with BS-VI norms.

Ninja 300 did an excellent sell even though it stood against its elder sibling, Ninja 400. With not much difference between the two when it came to power.

Ninja 300 has Power :29.0 kW {39 PS} / 11,000 rpm and Ninja 400 has 36.0 kW {49 PS} / 10,000 rpm.

As of now, there is no news in terms of the replacement of Ninja 300. However, rumors are rife that Kawasaki may introduce updated Ninja 300 that aligns with BS-VI norms.

Z650 and Z900

The other thing that we see is the price surge of various BS-VI models by Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000. That includes the Z650 and Z900.

When it comes to BS-VI norms .There are changes made in the engine so that the entire bike complies with the low emission BS-V1 norm.

The interesting question here is 

  • Will Kawasaki bring back the updated Ninja 300?
  • Or we see the altogether different bikes from Kawasaki in this segment?

However, Kawasaki also needs to keep one important thing in mind.About the price as India being the price sensitive market and Kawasaki 300 competes with KTM 390 that has high power compared to Ninja 300.

Source : Kawasaki India

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