Good Ghost

Haas Moto Museum gets another jewel in the crown, and it is none other than the custom made by Kingston Custom.

The new custom by Kingston Custom goes by the name ‘ Good Ghost ‘.


Now Haas Moto Museum gets three customs with the same lineage Phantom Gray ( Good Ghost), Phantom Black and Phantom White.

Let’s get back to the ‘ Good Ghost ‘

Kingston Custom is a famous custom house, and Dirk Oehler King owns the embodiment of this custom.

And we already know Dirks prior work which is in the form of White Phantom (2016) and Black Phantom (2018).

These two customs took part in various custom shows and also during the Gentlemen Ride Dallas TX 2019 at the Haas Moto Museum in Texas.

During these shows, these two customs had garnered much attention.

However, Bobby Haas and Stacey Mayfield founder and museum director of Hass Museum was not satisfied, and they requested Dirk to come with the third variant.

Dirk did not look back and went on to create the super ‘ Good Ghost’ but had a much different idea while making it.

Dirk gave a thought and made up his mind to make the new custom more firm and broad when compared to its earlier siblings.

When it comes to its earlier siblings. The BMW R 75 is the base of the Black Phantom while BMW R 80 RT is the base of the White Phantom.

How it was made?

However, for Gray Phantom ( Good Ghost ) Dirk wanted to experiment with the BMW R 100 RS that is capable of generating 72 horses and carries 971 cc engine.

As an initial step, Dirk started to complete the wireframes and panels and then he took the help of paste and cardboard to coat them.

And this gave the structure to the bike. The design weighs 21 kgs and is two millimetres thin. The entire weight of the custom remains as 179 kgs.

On the other hand, the frame and tech specs of BMW R 100 RS remain untouched. What we could see is Dirk only installed the mono lever damper.

While the fuel tank is made up of thin two-millimetre aluminium and is placed under the gearbox and swingarm. 

As far as the other components go like the footbrake lever, rocker switch and the stainless steel exhaust manifold, they are made inhouse by Kingston Custom.

If anyone minutely observes the custom, they could see on the right, and the left two fold-out panels are present.

However, the left side comes with the tools, and the right comes with century-old silver cutlery.

Dirk has made the folded seat, and under the seat, one can see the holder which can fix the open seat.

And there is enough space to accommodate one bottle of engine oil.

Technical specs

  • Displacement: 971 cm³
  • Power: 72 hp
  • Weight: 179 kg
  • Vehicle length: 272 cm
  • Vehicle height: 112 cm

Installed components

  • Tires: Metzler ME 33 3.00-19 and ME77 4.00-18
  • Clip-on: Fehling
  • Headlights: Universal
  • Taillight: old style
  • Instrument: MMB in Kingston design
  • Seat: leather Kingston design
  • Clutch and brake lever: Universal Oldstyle
  • Running boards: BMW
  • Mono damper: YSS
  • Air filter: K&N

Some of the accolades we can see for there earlier siblings are

  • White Phantom stood at second place At Intermot 2016 in the AMD World Champion of Custom Bike Building.

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