Harley Davidson to overhaul its European portfolio

 Harley Davidson to overhaul its European portfolio

As Harley is tying to exit India, we may also no longer see few models in Europe. In the past, we have also observed the ambitious Harley Bronx disappeared from its portfolio,

And it is not to due to Harley’s new strategy’ Rewire ‘. However, it is due to the Euro 5 alignment.

In Europe from January 1, 2021, the Euro 5 will come into existence,

Lovers of Sportster, Iron and Co. take note. With the switch to Euro 5, all small models will no longer be available from the Americans’ European portfolio.

With this, from the existing European portfolio, Harley will discontinue its ten models. And they are 883 V2, 750 V2 with 1200 cc V2 motor.

The list is something like this

  • Street rod
  • Street 750
  • Iron 883
  • Iron 1200
  • Super low
  • Forty-eight
  • Sporster 1200 custom
  • Super Low 1200T
  • Roadsters and
  • Forty-eight special

These models will be no more by year-end. 

It is less likely that Harley will increase sales and create an immediate impact in the coming few years.

However, we do know the onboarding of Zeitz is a good move made by Harley.

With sales tumbling, we saw a new CEO, Jochen Zeitz taking hold of the Harley. And he showed good results by stripping 30 per cent of its portfolio and pushed funds in 50 markets across the globe.

But we do think it may take time for Harley to revamp their old style.

Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker 

Commercial model-like design is registered. September 23, 2019. There are many broken lines. By the way, about the broken line part, it means the structure and shape remain undecided.

So it probably means it is an existing platform or a shared platform model. The headlight looks like a new, but it seems the same as the previous 48X model.

 The engine is a 60 ° V twin Revolution Max. We don’t see any significant differences from the prototype or prototype. About the shape of the rear end of the swingarm? 

We also other components like the existing steering wheel and meter are used. 

It is a swing arm mounted rear fender. There are blinkers, but do you also have tail lamps here?

From top to bottom, there is a point that is slightly different from the prototype, so this is probably a diagram of a commercial model design registration.

We sure are likely to see this in coming years. However, it will be useful to see how Harley brings this model. Will be it be via a distributor or any other channel.

Or chances are it may never come.

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