Honda will hold an online event “Honda Motorcycle Fes 2021” on a particular site on February 20. 

The idea is to send proposals for a rich motorcycle life with various web contents toward the arrival of the 2021 motorcycle season. It will be from Sunday (Saturday).

Honda Motorcycle Fes 2021 focuses on the lifestyle and culture of motorcycle users who live freely. 


And personally, while acknowledging diverse values ​​under the concept of “motorcycle riding is free. And living in their way” an online event expands its appeal.

The fun of motorcycles and motorcycle life comes transmitted from four categories.” Style Zone”, “Culture Zone”, “Product Zone”, and “Community Zone”. 

By taking advantage of online characteristics, we have made the content entertaining to not only motorcycle users. 

But also those who are not currently riding a motorcycle can start a motorcycle life. 

On the first day of the event, we are planning an online distribution event for various contents.

In addition to the release of Honda Motorcycle Fes 2021 Honda plans to exhibit new Honda motorcycles in Japan. 

And overseas in 2021 at Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama from Tuesday, February 23.

  • The contents of the exhibition may change depending on the social situation in the future. Details will be announced separately on the Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama website.

Honda Motorcycle Fes 2021 Key Visual

Honda Motorcycle Fes 2021 Overview

Release start date

Saturday, February 20, 2021



Main contents

Style Zone

A zone focuses on a motorcycle lifestyle delves into a motorcycle lover’s life with a bike.

Rider’s Style TV

It is a Lifestyle program where a motorcycle-loving video creator who lives on own way talks about the relationship between work and hobbies and motorcycles.

Rider’s Cross Live Talk (scheduled to be delivered LIVE on February 20)

Invite guests who have various relationships with motorcycles to convey the existence and goodness of motorcycles in their lives

Culture Zone

A zone where you can meet new charms of motorcycles in collaboration with the culture for youngsters.

Bike Sound Beats Live (scheduled to be delivered LIVE on February 20)

Music LIVE that makes you feel comfortable riding a motorcycle by combining music and video sampled from various motorcycle sounds

Rider’s Fashion Snap Gallery

“Rider Fashion Gallery” that introduces the ima of rider fashion.

Motor Sports Summit (scheduled to be delivered LIVE on February 20)

LIVE distribution content that invites top riders and introduces the appeal of motorcycle motorsports

Motor Sports PR

Content that conveys the appeal of motorcycle motorsports

Product Zone

A zone that introduces the appeal of Honda motorcycles, focusing on new models

Remote Product Tour (scheduled to be delivered LIVE on February 20)

LIVE distribution content where Honda motorcycle developers introduce the detailed charm of the new model.

Honda Virtual Garage

Digital catalogue content that allows you to view the new model shot 360 ° from any angle.

Community Zone

A zone where customers who participate in Honda Motorcycle Fes can interact with each other.

Rider’s Friends Room

Bulletin board type content that allows customers to interact with each other according to the theme

Everyone’s touring map

Content that shares the enjoyment of touring from various perspectives, such as. “It’s fun to ride a motorcycle” and “A” shining “spot where you can take stylish pictures with your car.”

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