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Japan, it should be said, is much more like a European country in terms of the importance applied to the motorcycle market. 

Japan takes things one step further if you think motorcycles are popular and well-regarded in Europe. The Land of the Rising Sun has a long history with motorbikes.Especially Honda—and features no significant regulation or taxation on new bikes. 

As such, motorcycling is extremely popular in Japan. Because of this, Honda’s business is no longer confined just to Japan’s borders. 


Riding position

Hawk 11-1

By operating HondaGO, where you can rent new stylish and sporty Honda motorcycles directly from Honda in Japan. There are even rumours that Honda plans to open up a chain of drive-in restaurants here in America.

Apart from the earlier two earlier video teasers. Honda today provided a few additional photos of its Honda Hawk 11, a longer-ratio. Higher-horsepower model that will debut in advance of the model’s planned sale in late spring. 

The motorcycle maker also provided the latest updates on what we can expect to see it debut at the 2022 Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya motorcycle shows.

Hawk 11

Honda’s next-generation Hawk 11 production superbike will make its formal global debut on March 19, 2022, at the 22nd Osaka Motorcycle Show.

Honda is close to revealing the first iteration of its Hawk 11. The Japanese moto-giant spilt the beans in a recent series of photos posted to its official Honda website. Accompanied by gloriously vague captions.

Usually, this is where we would tip our caps to a job well done by Honda Japan. And its technical partners, as we’re sure this latest development is continuing to fuel the curiosity of riders looking forward to getting their hands on a production Hawk 11. 

However, while there may be little doubt about what Honda Japan has been doing with the Hawk 1. Over the past couple of years, a portion of the online Honda website has decided not to let facts get in, creating its narrative. Leaks are fun and exciting, after all! 

via HondaGO and Honda Bike Rental

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