Increase Fuel Efficiency of Bike

Fuel efficiency is that proportion of energy released by a fuel combustion process which is converted into useful work. For vehicles, it is measured in miles per gallon or kilometers per litre. So in the simplest of terms, increasing the fuel efficiency is all about getting the most out of the fuel used in the motorcycle.

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More often than not, the fuel efficiency of a motorcycle varies according to the model. In fact, meanwhile some bikes require a lot of fuel, others do not. Whatever the type of motorcycle you have, here are few suggestions to help you reduce your cost on fuel.

  • Optimize you’re driving:
    When driving a motorcycle, usually it is not recommended to turn the throttle fully during a start. What experts rather advise is that you open the throttle in a progressive manner. Before riding your bike, as most bikers do, warm up the engine for a few minutes. You can do such while putting on your motorcycle attire such as your helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, etc. When you take off, it is advised that you gently ride through the first 10 km of your ride. Usually, what happens is when you ride at 40 km / h, your bike practically doesn’t consume anything.This point holds if and only if you are still on the first gear.In urban areas where the population density is quite high, it is normal for your fuel level to drop quickly due to frequent stops.On the other hand, when you are on the highway with much less traffic and fewer people, the more the speed of the bike is bound to increase, thereby causing you to consume more. So, in a nutshell, it is all about adapting your manner of driving to the various speed limits you have. Normally, it is an obligation which is aimed at safety purposes but at the same time, it helps you out . This is because if you ride too fast, your bike will consume more!
  • Take care of your bike/Maintain it regularly:
    Excellent maintenance of your motorcycle does not only guarantee the motorcycle longevity, but also goes a long way in reducing fuel costs. Your transmission system for example is an important element. If it is not properly maintained and greased regularly, your bike will consume much more fuel than what it is normally supposed to consume. This holds same for your air filter, spark plugs and joints too.Should it happen that your air filter is not clean, your sparkling plugs are no longer of good quality or your joints are no longer in good condition, rest assured that this will negatively affect your fuel consumption. So, it is advisable to clean the air filter and replace it when necessary. This is a very important aspect once it comes to maintenance of a motorcycle and should not be neglected if you don’t intend on spending a lot on fuel.

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  • Check settings:
    Very high levels of fuel consumption can also result from a mechanical problem. One can take example on the tires. Indeed, a motorcycle with under-inflated tires will definitely lead to an additional consumption fuel. This is due to the slowdown caused by these elastic and inflatable materials. Specialists also advise that you Regularly check the timing of the carburetors as well as the operation of the choke.Like so many other bikers, you should not neglect the oil level. It is also advisable to check the condition of this lubricant when it comes to buying a car. This petroleum substance reduces internal friction. It is recommended to change it on regular basis. If this is not the case, engine performance will decrease while fuel consumption will increase.
  • Lighten up your bike:
    The load on your bike is a crucial factor once it comes to fuel consumption. Indeed, if you your motorcycle is with lots of luggage, it will require more power and this has a direct impact on your fuel level which will be noticed to decrease quickly. It is also advised that you limit the electrical equipment on your motorcycle given that such equipment consume more.
  • Refuel early in the morning:
    This may sound weird but the time when you refuel also matters. It is recommended to refuel early in the morning because when the temperature is low, the fuel is dense. You will have a higher volume in your tank.Expert talk with largest family of bikers

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