Is Norton Motorcycle still under threat?

 Is Norton Motorcycle still under threat?

Is the British Iconic Motorcycle brand still under threat? Last year in March 2019, we were looking at the notice that Norton did receive from Companies House.

The notice said about Norton not carrying out any business or  operation.

Now we come to know from Leicester Mercury that Norton is working with HMRC to avoid the petition that will mostly say that Norton has not paid the vast debts that they have on them.

As per Stuart Garner, Norton Motorcycle owes £300,000 to HMRC, which is left outstanding via research & development tax relief that went in business.

The court further said how HM Revenue & Customs owes around £600,000, but half of the debt has already paid.

About Norton

Stuart Garner resurrected Norton in 2008. The company was started way back in 1898 by James Lansdowne Norton. The company today has 100 employees.

Since then, Norton has collaborated with other iconic brands like Zonshen of China and Deus.

Also, they had brought an exclusive model with Breitling. Plus, they had brought new Superlight SS limited to 50 copies.

They are also now in Japan. Norton has made iconic models like V4RR, Dominator, Commando 916 Cafe Racer, Atlas Ranger, and Nomad.

Norton Dominator and Commando

Court Hearing

Norton representatives were present at the High Court for hearing.

However, the hearing is again postponed till February 12, as Judge Prentis said the fact that debt has come down, and Norton is making the payments.

That meant Norton has a clear cut objective to pay the remaining debt, so they were seeking an adjournment.

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