One of the fascinating or lets put it in this way impressive dedication to Captain America is set by Kawasaki dealer based in Switzerland. It can be the Captain America bike.

The Z900 is the closest motorcycle in the world for the superhero Captain America.

The name of the dealer is Wehrli Belp, and we see the new Z900 in Captain America colours.


Also, there is the new HJC helmet is in Captain America colors.

The new Z900 is premiered at the Swiss Moto.

The inspiration, as we see, it clearly comes from one of Marvel’s fantastic superhero Captain America. 

What changes in the bike?

  • The paint job comes from an inspiration from Captain America. The entire paint job is done from scratch.
  • Rear gets the short number plate holder and gets more space.
  • The fairing circumference was extended with the help of the front spoil the Leovince exhaust system did standard exhaust replacement stem with a carbon holder. 
  • Also, there is an addition of various lids and attachments made of blue anodized aluminum.
  • The custom made by Swiss moto house gets the Captain America shield with a central star to the tank’s blue base colour.
  • The seat is leather made that again looks top quality.
  • Wing emblems are similar to Captain America’s hood.
  • The front fender and spoiler get the large A.

Head Gear

Another new facet we will get to see is the HJC helmet in the Captain America colors.

That again matches the custom livery that Swiss Moto has created.

LivingWithGravity’s Take

  • The custom that is built by Swiss Moto is top-notch.
  • Paint Job on the bike is clean and sharp.
  • HJC headgear looks marvelous too

With this custom livery, Swiss Moto has set the benchmark. And we definitely like to see more such custom liveries from them.

Do check more work of Swiss Moto in Gallery

Source: Kawasaki Werli Belp

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