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What you need to know:

Late July this year, DAB Motors wanted to show the world its vision for the future. A vision with a clean look, an electric powertrain and an innovative design that calls for agility to roam the streets in style.

The CONCEPT-E is at odds with the regular world of motorcycles with its exceptional use of materials. In pursuit of excellence. DAB Motors has incorporated:

  • Carbon fibre.
  • Öhlins suspensions were explicitly designed for the project.
  • Beringer CNC aluminium brakes.
  • A Gates belt drive, running on aluminium machined pulleys, to maximize power and minimize noise.

The CONCEPT-E saddle arrives made out of Ripstop. A resistant textile is usually made for yacht sails and technical clothing for unique upholstery. 


Following the release and an overwhelming response asking for production, it had to be made.


So it became a reality.

Meet the CONCEPT-E RS:

  • Twenty-nine units hand-build in Bayonne, France.
  • €28,500 inc. VAT, shipping available worldwide.
  • The torque and immediate response of an electric powertrain and the equivalent of 125cc.

Entirely tailorable, the design possibilities are endless:

Part of DAB Motors’ expertise is to take the customer on a journey to imagine their Dream Bike created just for them.

Being on this journey together, step by step, until the final product.A unique machine made in France, from locally sourcesd components with a mindful manufacturing process.

Where to next? Save the date!

After exhibiting at the annual Monaco Yacht Show in September. When the CONCEPT-E RS was unveiled. Officially, now the concept is in production in a small scale.

You’re invited to come and experience CONCEPT-E RS at the 5th edition of Midnight Garage in Paris (Montparnasse). Where DAB Motors will be showcasing the CONCEPT-E RS along with the LM-S.

The yearly event celebrates the passion of motorcycles, their uniqueness and the surrounding culture. Art, food and beverages, sports, innovation will be at the forefront of this festival which will take place on 29, 30 and 31st of October.

Claim your invitation today

And finally:

A once in a lifetime type of project will be live on October 29th.

via Dab Motors


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