Cover-DAB-Motors-electric-mobility-DAB Motors Concept-E RS 9kW

On September 22nd, at the Monaco Yacht Show, electric vehicle collectors got their wish: The Concept-E is now a reality.

First unveiled in July 2021 as an “experimental” electric motorcycle concept. The one-off DAB Motors’ prototype is powered thanks to a 9 kW motor connected to a 51.8V lithium-ion battery. 

The electric setup offers a range of 68 miles on a full charge, while the engine also has the gumption to get up to a top speed of 65 miles per hour. 



The Concept-E RS name comes from the term Road Series. Indeed, the Concept-E RS produced for consumers will be street legal for driving on public roads.

DAB Motors engineers have worked to conform the experimental concept motorcycle to the street legal safety standards.

It includes electromagnetic compatibility (EM), approved lighting systems, braking tests.

And introducing new components such as a digital dashboard and all mandatory elements in a minimalist way like the new DRL system, turn signals, licence plate holder, mirrors and reflectors.


The exclusive Concept-E RS news arrives less than one year after their major rebranding and future growth predictions. 

The manufacturer has confirmed its plan to develop and produce a unique electric motorcycle portfolio inspired by the Concept-E design codes.

via Dab Motors

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