The Mean Lean Machine is the newest vehicle from the Oregon-based electric vehicle company Arcimoto. It’s an e-trike (a trike with three wheels) comes with three-wheel-direct-drive and world-class tilting technology. 

It allows for a more dynamic riding experience, making handling corners and sloped roads easier. 

Moreover, it has a more extended range other Arcimoto vehicles without compromising performance—thirty miles of pristine national forest trails or city commuting. 


But best of all, this mean lean machine was explicitly designed to fit inside your garage!

The electric vehicle is arguably the fourth great reinvention of transportation in history. And Arcimoto is at the forefront with their electric trikes! 

Arcimoto is a leading-edge company aspires to become a leader in its industry by producing environmentally friendly products with ultra-efficiency at an affordable price.

The Mean Lean Machine or MLM for short. Designed with a leaning cabin.Which they demonstrated in the videos, they have kept its design minimalistic. 

Looking towards better aerodynamics and maximizing each component. Arcimoto has been able to bring down kW hours on their battery packs without sacrificing power. 


That means more range and faster acceleration. To top it all off. We hear that they’re also working on a scooter under the same MLM brand with a similar design.

Maintaining the stability of a three-wheeled bike is one piece of machinery (heh) that’s bound to support your success. 


E-trikes have been on the market for a few years now, and although these vehicles tend to get categorized as just two-wheelers. They’re unique in that they provide the stability of a three-wheeled bike while still possessing the tilting abilities of one. 

They also run on electricity. Making them eco-friendly and super fun to ride (that last part isn’t a fact, just my opinion).

The MLM uses a pedal/generator system for drive by wire and fast charges through an inverter. The design also allows riders to sit or stand while not in motion. And arrives with speeds upwards of 75 MPH and instant torque and acceleration.


On this occasion, Arcimoto founder and CEO Mark Frohnmayer says, “The Mean Lean Machine reflects Arcimoto’s commitment to [pushing] the envelope of sustainable mobility. 

We started with the fantastic three-wheel tilting technology developed by our Tilting Motor Works division. We then packed the MLM with new cutting-edge electric vehicle features, including hub motors on all three corners and a pedal generator, to deliver a joyful experience unlike any other in the e-bike category.”

You can pre-order the E-Trike from here with $100 fully refundable preorder.

via Arcimoto

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