MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR

 MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR

Based on the extraordinary Serie Oro, limited production has recently begun, the Brutale 1000 RR will bring the same nuances, and carefully balanced choices of style, technical components and dynamic development onto the road.

The confidence-inspiring performance was one of the main priorities in designing the new Brutale 1000. Continual increases in maximum power of the more sports-oriented models have not been matched by a relative increase in ease of use on the road.

This means that motorcycle designers have a responsibility to offer the customer the best possible conditions of technology, style and ease of control.

The goal is to get the best out of chassis, engine and electronics, with minimum effort from the rider, taking into account the exceptional performance levels of models such as the Brutale 1000 RR.

A spectacular Superbike replica. Naked. And available to all.

 Design and details

The design draws on tight lines and forms which are perfectly integrated between the front and rear end: this balance has long been a distinctive trait of the four-cylinder Brutale, right from the first iconic model that marked the relaunch of the Italian brand along with the F4.

The stand-out features, including headlight, fuel tank and tail fairing, have been designed and manufactured specifically for this new Brutale.

The full-LED headlight uses Cornering Lights for improved illumination, managed from the inertial platform: the light beam, in fact, changes direction and angle based on the dynamic position of the bike.

The headlight, that boasts an internal coloured X-shaped section, another exclusive feature, is enhanced by the Daylight Running Lights, designed to provide a lighting effect that makes the new Brutale unmistakable from any angle.

The emotional experience offered by the Brutale 1000 RR is the same as the Serie Oro: this is thanks to outfitting choices that make the two models virtually identical.

The superstructures on the 1000 RR, for example, also use precisely modelled carbon-fibre elements, ideal to outline and enhance the frame and engine; although the exclusive “red wire” is reserved for the Serie Oro.

The latter features a full kit of additional components: some of these can be purchased for the 1000 RR, such as GPS tracking, available as an original accessory. Another difference is seen in the bolts and screws, made of steel instead of titanium.

The Serie Oro’s light carbon-fibre wheel rims have been replaced on the 1000 RR with forged aluminium components, featuring a special design and weight specifications that contribute to the optimal overall 186 kg dry weight.

The second-generation 5” TFT display colour panel, with 800×480 pixel resolution, is the main interface between rider and the many customisable settings on the Brutale 1000 RR.

Access to the numerous configuration menus is immediate via intuitive electric handlebar controls, that allow you to access the various sections without delay.

Instrumentation allows Bluetooth connection with your smartphone to manage incoming calls, messages and music. Cruise control is also included, very handy also on a hyper naked motorcycle like the 1000 RR.

The dashboard allows optimal use of the many functions offered by the MV Ride navigation app, that opens a world of possibilities. For example, bike electronics can be customised directly via smartphone, as well as creating and saving routes, which can then be shared with friends.

Extremely useful navigation functions can also be immediately accessed via mirroring on the dashboard with the MV Ride App.

Engine and electronics

Like the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, the 1000 RR engine represents the most recent evolution of the in-line, four-cylinder MV Agusta design.

This new version stands out for its significant redesign, across all areas; the use of the finest materials; and complete review of electronic-management parameters which are greatly refined compared to previous versions.

All of this makes this hyper naked bike the most powerful of its type in the world. In fact, the power and torque values set new records: 208 hp at 13,450 rpm and 116.5 Nm.

The radial valve timing and central timing chain, technical choices that have characterised all of the most recent MV Agusta four-cylinder engines, are used here following a significant redesign, inspired by Formula 1 and MotoGP technology.

Specifically, the radial valves in the combustion chamber use F1 technology, whilst the titanium piston rods, typical in MotoGP vehicles, contribute to reducing mass, loads and inertia of the engine.

The central timing chain is also a MotoGP-inspired component and is capable of mitigating the torsion effects of camshafts at high rpm.

In addition, there are new valve guides and camshafts, with unprecedented new timing on both the intake and the exhaust side. The pistons use low-friction Asso piston rings, and there is a new crankshaft that is balanced to limit vibrations at low revs.

Based on MV Agusta’s direct experience in the factory-derivative competition, it has created the new splitter lubrication system, which allows oil to be separated from moving mechanical parts.

The semi-dry-sump lubrication is capable of guaranteeing mechanical protection under extreme riding conditions such as during high lean angles and wheelies, yet without compromises in terms of reducing friction levels, that remain significantly low.

A large portion of the design and development work has been focused on reducing friction levels, also in terms of the transmission, revamped with gears that reduce both friction and overall noise.

This goal is supported by tonewheel and clutch covers that partially absorb noise. 

Redesign of the airbox has been implemented by a complete redesign of the intake system: the ducts have different lengths to maximise engine efficiency, power and torque.

The current structure features dual injectors per cylinder: four lower Mikuni and four upper Magneti Marelli showerhead injectors, with greater capacity and positioned above the intake duct.

The Arrow exhaust system uses the 4-1-4 set-up, with a throttle valve for maximum torque at lower RPM’s.

Source: MV Agusta

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