About Nathanpol

Nathanpol Wanathong, based in Bangkok, Thailand, drives his own design company called KVAN Automotive and Design Co., Ltd. Present brand (KVN®).

His focus is on building designs with multiple project concepts. In this present electric concept that is with a part and equipment 

from the leading manufacturer for the electric motor and battery to the current way of design product.


He needs to start a project prototype with comment data from present and other revise design data.

Nathanpol Wanathong


He has designed this concept after meeting and talking with manufacturer and supplier for manufacturing and assembly process with essential specification Battery 12 Kwh (430 Volt), Electric Motor by Emrax, Controller by Cascadiamotion (Rinehart)

We will get to see more of his concept designs and ideas after every six months, that’s how Nathan has is the focus. These designs will be with the help of Standard equipment from manufacturer Parker Emrax Magnax Yasa and Other brands.

At present, there are no specifications for his concepts as he needs to showcase an only brand concept.

We will get to see more in the coming six months.

LivingWithGravitys Take

The modern sports EV motorcycle design from Nathanpol looks quite aggressive and doesn’t seem to be electric from any angle.

And that’s the specialty of this concept. The silver, red, and blue color combination looks stylish.

Also, from the sharp design, we assume that the sports motorcycle EV concept is design with the help of a 3d printer. The idea looks aerodynamic, and if this brought in production may carry less weight due to the way this design is structured.

We definelty are waiting for more designs from Nathanpol.

Source : Kwan Automotive 

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