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Arton Works bring custom kits for Triumph Trident 660

Based in the Rome, the Arton Works designer Davide Colombi had created two kits for the newly launched Triumph Trident 660. Custom from Moriwaki Aprilia RS 660 gets our new paint scheme. Triumph Tiger 850, specs, price and more And these kits go by the name. Triumph Trident 660 Neptune R and Triumph Trident 660 Neptune S […]Read More

BMW Motorrad files bagger ‘ Transcontinental ‘ design

Our friends from Bennetts has revealed the designs of what it looks like BWW Bagger, dubbed as ‘Transcontinental.’ BMW has just filed the trademark by the name Transcontinental. The Transcontinental as we see comes derived on BMW’s much-acclaimed BMW R18, and BMW has loaned the design of R18 from the BMW R 5. New BMW R18 and […]Read More

Nathanpol of KVAN Automotive brings the new EV Concept

About Nathanpol Nathanpol Wanathong, based in Bangkok, Thailand, drives his own design company called KVAN Automotive and Design Co., Ltd. Present brand (KVN®). His focus is on building designs with multiple project concepts. In this present electric concept that is with a part and equipment  from the leading manufacturer for the electric motor and battery […]Read More

How to design a motorcycle on the mobile phone?

Wagner Pozebon is not new on the Behance scene, and his ideas and concepts revolve around the Shoes, Skateboards, Mixer Grinder, and more. Wagner’s Art In his various drawings that caught our eye, is motorcycle design that is made on the Asus Zenfone 5 and made with the help of Adobe Illustrator Draw. On the other […]Read More

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